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How to set up wireless router

Want to have wireless throughout the home. For that you must have a wireless router. Heres how to set it up.

If you own a laptop and youre connected to the internet in all parts of the apartment or house then you need to buy a router. Buying routers have not completed all the work, because the router must be set to, so you can attach and surf the web. To configure the router, and many even looking at 30 KM to the price of a wireless router TP-LINK WR743ND is normally 38.50 KM, and now you think that is it worth it. This is me and led me to write this post in which I will detail to explain how it works.
router used to connect computer networks. In our language it is translated as a router network router. Its function is to determine for each package to the path that the packet is going and that is forward. Setting
router TP-LINK WR743ND
first thing to do is to include the current router, LAN cable include in WAN routers and LAN port on the laptop. Turn the laptop and search the wireless network, to see what we can offer. Among all the networks should be offered to appear and that is our router. TP-LINK WR743. Then go to network settings in notebook Network and Sharing center / Change Adapter settings / Local area connections and ; click on TCP/IPv4 and then click on Use the following IP. here by typing 192nd 168th 1st 5 - 5 instead be any number - only the subnet and click on OK.
Now open any the browser type and 192nd 168th 1st one is the admin username and password is admin. have entered into the router settings. Click the Network / WAN / WAN Connection Type and select the PPPoE. Enter your username and password from your internet. In WAN Connection Mode and choose Connect Automatically Connect to keep all click Save. Now we go to Wireless Settings and under the SSID: write in the name of the network. If you want to protect your network, go to Wireless Security and select WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK.
Thats all the work around router settings. If you follow my advice to set the router I am sure you will succeed and if you need help feel free to contact us. Here you can find how to set the Access Point device .

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