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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


Energy Drinks Are you lacking energy

Whatever Red Bull, nature is nature. Energy drink make yourself at home.

When you mention energy drinks are usually thought of soda cans from the hill with caffeine in it which are advertised on television fifty times a day! No, I will not talk about them. The subject of this article actually as fruit cocktails. It is a real energy drink, full of calories, vitamins, that will invigorate your spirit and your mood
Since creation of cocktails, back in 1806th year for which the original recipe would have been unthinkable without the alcohol, they began experiments with mixing different fruit juices. also produced mixed juices, fruit cocktails named later. Due to its aromatic flavor and diversity, which enchant, they quickly attracted attention, and thus the attention of scientists who promptly threw the analysis. proven their high energy value, which together with a pleasant mild flavor and leads straight to the exceptional health and great spirits. Even some of them and claimed that these cocktails were much more effective if the juice of each fruit, which is in it, add a little alcohol. Opinions were divided, but one thing was certain, the world fell in love with this rainbow-colored drinks.
First, to get you your drink can call the fruit cocktail, it had to contain pieces of peaches, grapes, cherries, pears and pineapples . Today, I think that there is no fruit that swim in a sparkling sea of ​​decorative glass. selection is huge and tastes, so feel free to indulge in a tasting until you find your favorite. I suggest you a cocktail of colored fruits - strawberries, cherries , raspberries, blackberries ... because they are very rich in antioxidants, substances that stop the cell damage in humans, and humans who consume such fruits have a lower risk of developing cancer, some neurological disorders and heart disease. Green power - the power of nature
I will give you some recipes for making these amazing drinks.
Caribbean dream.
for a glass of cocktails, you need 250 ml of grape juice, 100 ml of juice from a banana, a little juice lemon, banana chips and a few grains of red grapes. To prepare it you need to pour into a wide glass of banana juice and slowly dosipate grape juice. In to drip a few drops of lemon and decorate with pieces of bananas and grapes grains. A cup cocktail containing 194 kcal - kilo-calories -.
Vitamin bomb
To obtain a vitamin drink this cup, you need 150 ml of orange juice, 50 ml of carrot juice, squeezed a lemon, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon cream or whipped cream you can use the spray. Preparation: Put all ingredients in a shaker - a great read with a glass lid - and shake well. Then all repeatedly poured in another glass until it creates visible foam ring. Decorate a cocktail with thin pieces of lemon , carrots and a few leaves of mint. One cup is 110 calories. Try this delicious and super healthy drinks, ideal energy source for women, gloomy winter days. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of fruit, if desired, add ice, milk, honey. to Enjoy in color and in taste. See our brief and this recipe for a sports drink.
For those who saw her in this colorful future, heres a video that will introduce them to the world prfesionalaca. In one gulp, cheers!

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