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Corn soup for you from the heart of Mexico

Little fiery Mexican cuisine is to be rejected. Bring you the famous soup of corn.

bring you a recipe that is characterized by worst kitchen world. I have not even traveled overseas so I tried the original flavor, but I looked into accessible, a nearby restaurant, and simply be amazed. How could I not understand the people of that part of South America loves a variety of meals in smaller portions. This diversity is so obvious that, for example if you throw a glance to ones desk, all bursting with bright colors made up of: green peppers, onions, corn, cucumbers, beans, cheese.
The people of Mexico mainly healthy food as a basic kitchen ingredients are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and, of course, chillies. However, in the daily diet is certainly still a few pieces of mostly young meat, swine, lamb, chicken, turkey. Plenty of spices and sauces every dish serves as a flavor enhancer, and the most characteristic is the already mentioned chili sauce with hot peppers.
When they can make the chili than 140 different kinds of peppers mixed with pepper and onions, and because of this fact does not mean every chili sauce very angry, nor in their kitchen prevailing hot meals. However, it is certainly much ljuca than our traditional tastes. You should know one fact, Mexico is the country with at least the statistics of heart attacks, and some are This very favorable result in the consumption of very spicy food.
on each table along with the Mexican tortilla you will first be served with soup or as there called big meal. a wide choice of soups, light, thick, clear, with plenty of meat and and of course, gazpacho soup was brought from Spain. beans, Spanish rice and maize are the three ingredients that are required and the daily presence in the diet of standard Mexican family.
Today, no matter how geographically remote was something in our markets can easily find each food which is wholly or partly original. If you want to try unusual flavors start with an appetizer of their cuisine, taste the typical soup of corn.
necessary for the Mexican corn soup
Preparation of 4 people require these ingredients: The the heart of Mexico for you - Mexican corn chowder
350g sweet corn in grain - or canned - 2 tablespoons flour 50 g butter 1.5 liters of water 1 carrot 1 onion 1 ingly white onion 1 liter vegetable soup - or bouillon cube - saffron bay leaf salt, pepper, parsley, sour cream cooking
Preparation of corn soup
preparation is this: The margarine fry finely chopped red and white onions, carrots, add the bay leaf and saffron. Then add the flour and stirring until the mixture thickens. Be careful not to burn, because the smell will not fail to cover it up. Add water to the white mixture, and corn, and bouillon cube or soup. Cook until corn is tender. Now you need to get the same mixture and you will succeed by eating puree soup until then saved. I have a suggestion for those who do not have the huge mixers. Sweet corn can be boiled separately and then blended himself and add to soup when you should shake or corn. Soup should cook for about 30 - 40 minutes. At the end add the spices: salt, pepper, parsley, cream and cooking. There is one problem: whenever you try the soup will make you enough salt for corn. free salt much more than usual.
lever is with pieces of bread or toast in a little deeper pots if you have. Let yourself mariachi, Latin music, drink tequila and pleasant and the Spanish agradablemente!

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