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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


New Years cake

Great and delicious cakes for the new year. Try these recipes a bit unusual for the New Year holidays.

Think what a treat to be able to delight family members and friends for the impending holidays? List all known cells with recipes, looking for something special and so far unformed to surprise anything tastier. As soon as I found this recipe in two mums old notebook, I was thrilled and I suggest everyone at least once a year the two prepared cake for someone you love.
The first ingredient of the cake is the dessert of almond mixture-90% - and sugar, which at first was only a royal pleasure. Somehow Marzipan has a special bitter-sweet taste, in my opinion one of the most delicious. It appears in songs, especially my favorite verse in which the main character is a lunatic from marzipan.
second cake is a real light creamy-white foam and it will be the only reason you are coming with an empty plate and asked for more.
cake marzipan and rum
cake marzipan and rum - New Year right and strong flavor of this cake is the perfect holiday mood, relax in the warmth of home and happiness. For the 12 fragments of this will require Ingredients: 650g butter 200g marzipan mixture and butter for brushing pan 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 175 g flour 5jaja 1 sachet baking powder 200g apricot jam 50ml rum flavored with vanilla frosting, chocolate frosting-purchase products - almond flakes and sweet cherries to decorate
It will take about 45 minutes to prepare a way, I will explain in the next 4 steps. Cut in cubes 450g marzipan and it foamed Whisk together the margarine and vanilla. Gradually add the eggs into the same pot stirring constantly. Now you need a different mixture to flour and mix the dusty powder and add to the cream of marzipan. Continue until mixed equal masses. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Egg batter evenly in a round baking pan diameter 24 cm, which have previously smeared with margarine and bake it for 40-45 minutes-unless you have a round pan, make any other form, of course -. Remove the crust after baking and allow to cool. After cooling, peel sections horizontally into 3 equal parts. One of the core ring cake pan. The rest of the marzipan you need to cut it into cubes and mix with apricot jam and add rum. The resulting mixture to coat all three crust and arrange them on one another. Leave the cake in the refrigerator until it hardens - at least 1 hour -. Remove cake from refrigerator and remove the ring. Prepare vanilla icing and chocolate as directed, then coat the cake of vanilla frosting. Decorate the edge of the cake slices of almonds. Chocolate glaze, apply the glaze is still moist vanilla making circles or other shapes as desired, then a wooden stick pull line from the outer end of the cake towards the center. Let the glaze dry and decorate a cake cherries.
Juicy cake with cream cheese and sour cream
cheese cake and cream - a recipe that you probatiOva cake is unusual in that it is prepared without a trace of flour, perfect for fans of cream and very few calories. Lets look at what you need to develop some 12 Duckling - standard size round cake -: 175g butter 100g white chocolate liqueur 1cl sugar 4 eggs 130g grated vanilla 200ml cream 500g cottage cheese 200g raspberries. Method of preparation of white fantasies run by first izrendate chocolate and melt the butter with the money. Add the liquor, stir a few minutes and leave the mixture to cool. Preheat oven to 160 degrees C in the meantime. While the mixture cools, remove the egg yolks and Beat it in so hard. snow. Creamy whip the egg yolks, add 100g of sugar and a little grated vanilla. Gradually add the mixture of chocolate and butter mixture, then all unite. Then add the beaten egg whites. It is time for baking! Spread mixture in pan diameter 20 cm, which previously covered with parchment paper, and leave the baking 30 to 40 minutes. Once baked allow to cool. It is time to prepare the cream. Izmutite cream, 30 g of sugar and a little grated vanilla to create a semi-solid mjesa. Now is the time for the allowance of cottage cheese-primitive, unsalted cheese - and will be continued torture. Extra tip: If you use cottage cheese as an ingredient for cakes, you can use it in combination with any other dairy product pto will change the flavor of cake you are preparing. For example, if one-third of cottage cheese with mascarpone replace your cake will be very creamy. If you mix it with yogurt, it will take a refreshing sour taste. We return to the final decoration of your cake. From the top line up of raspberry or other fruit, too, put whipped cream if desired. In the picture you can see bits of orange, feel free to experiment.
I hope you will find this sweet magic on your New Years table. Some are happy next year how the cake tasted!

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