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Domestic snikers the best recipe

Homemade recipe for Snickers candy bars. Impress all the well-known but this time in home construction.

adore cute little crunchy chocolate caramel enchantment with almost every passing day in the past the shop you take only one candy bar name Snickers. Have you ever thought it would be good if you have more than one bag and the pleasure of enjoying their taste for hours, days? The following text makes a recipe to make chocolate bars like Snickers in the home versions. For those who prefer the Snickers say kit kat, see our recipe for kit kat chocolate.
Necessary ingredients for this development are:
If they can try and look like a Snickers,
milk and chocolate milk candy caramel peanut butter butter sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla, chocolate cookies 160g sljezovih - to the top, white Parts muchmallow-a - 1.5 cups of salted peanuts, finely chopped 0.5 kg of hard caramel Transparency
Preparation is as follows:
your baking pan with foil or greaseproof paper that can be baked, contact note that the film falls over the bowl. Using this film itself will facilitate the separation of the crust for chocolate. It is time for the preparation of chocolate bark, and these are sastojsci that you mix. first two melted chocolate, and stir the mixture with bombonica caramel and butter peanuts. Stir until the mixture thickens, then pour the mixture into your baking pan and spread evenly. After following the basics of preparation of nougat which is the most comprehensive on the cake. For the first mixture to butter you bake sugar - 1 cup - the cup of milk , wait until mixture starts to boil, and the move from the heat. While still hot, add one tablespoon of vanilla, two tablespoons of peanut butter 70g - and 1, 5 cup sljezovih cookies. Stir the mixture until all ingredients are not unite and allow to cool slightly. nougat mixture evenly distribute the chocolate crust and leave in refrigerator to cool. comes the preparation of one of the main ingredients of chocolate, a layer of caramel and peanuts. Combine milk, peanut butter and half a kg of hard caramel and start to boil over low heat stirring constantly. Be careful not burnt caramel, so set the appropriate temperature and light stir constantly. When the caramel is already blended with milk, add finely chopped peanuts and pour the mixture on the previous part of the pie. back in fridge. Finishing the bars are in progress. Need to prepare chocolate glaze-coating. Boil milk chocolate mixed with peanut butter and caramel pieces until the mixture becomes thick. Then, pour a layer of the caramel and peanuts, and replace the cooling . Once the cake has hardened sufficiently, chop it into pieces the size desired. certainly recommend the smaller pieces, but you can also cut the size of standard Snickers candy bar. then return them back in the fridge to harden even more. This saved a treat can be considered finished . However, if you want an exact imitation of the need to prepare more chocolate sauce in which to wrap the candy bars. Melt the chocolate in a saucepan the milk, chocolate and butter kukurikija and stir until mixture is combined. Then, take each piece of chocolate and dip in sauce .
particular proposal is that small snippets of peanuts in this mixture. Then come back to cool and serve after a while. I assume that the gourmets in your environment will be delighted with the preparation of chocolate bars. meal! In this video you can see how production flows:

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