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How to Make mlinci

The best recipe for homemade grinders. Learn how to make the best and tastiest mlinci.

Most of the things necessary to prepare any meal, even the most demanding one, but is available in the finished mixture on the shelves of the nearest hypermarket in the neighborhood.
However, because of these facts it is clear that suffers quality of diet and our wallet, which will weaken after such purchase! Our only income is the time though, if you decide to make fun of preparing food, you will create the ideal balance of proper use of time and socializing with your favorite people.
This time, we suggest you to prepare your home in favor of main course and to shape the dough into thin sheets, hot water prelivenih. Otherwise, this item is called and the pastry is ideal in combination with turkey meat sauce topping precisely where the baked turkey. Grinders can be prepared with any other type of meat, salads can be topped eat soups, or even serve as an appetizer prelivano cold sauce. this pasta just pour cold cream and a few drops of olive oil and bake in the oven a few minutes and enjoy the crunchy morsels cooked meals quickly.
grinders are a type of pastry made from flour, water and eggs, with some cooks add brown sugar to the mixture. Therefore, the necessary ingredients for making such contributions , which will taste four people in this measure:
300g wheat flour type 550 3 g salt 1-2 eggs 200 ml warm water 1 tablespoon brown sugar - if desired - 1 tablespoon olive oil

Preparation grinders:
first the flour, salt, eggs and warm water mixture is kneaded to a smooth dough, kneaded well so as not to turn out the dough too hard.
2 Once you have made to and the batter odstojalo half an hour, izdjelite it to 4-5 equal parts, each part separately and then roll out into a thin grinder measures 40x30cm - but you adjust to the desire and purpose -. You can make a round shape if you want to prepare a special decoration. When Roll out grinder, you need only look at one thing and that is that the dough is not too thin.
3 thus prepared mlinci now need to bake. would be best if you could all together, but it depends on the size of your oven and pan. pan Rub with olive oil, arrange the dough and put it to bake at 230 degrees for about 7 minutes. If you want to take on a darker color of the pastry, as if they were cooked on the grill - something similar to tortillas - you can compare them to the wire in your stove.
4 Once you have baked, you are left to mlinci iskomadate small, mostly to irregular shapes and pouring boiling saline water and leave it at that for about 5 minutes. After the expiration of the time allotted for use of water, iscjedite them and serve topped with warm sauce of roasted meat that you intended for that purpose. If you want more mlinci hrskavije, you are browning in the oven for a minute or two after you have spilled over this sauce.
grinders in some way mimic the meat as they decorated their fragrance and special flavor of the sauce. When you notice that your family members or guests during the meal to eat more than meat grinders, know that you have succeeded in making. meal!

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