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How to Make an oily bread

We have prepared the best recipe for bread so greasy. Enjoy a homemade dough.

Is there anything more delicious to taste the whole world besides hot cakes? Think that any kind of food can cause saturation in humans, only that something is impossible to happen with the daily consumption of bread or cake .
Having long been accustomed to go every morning to the bakery for bread, and the inevitable questions we ask a seller Is it hot, when baked, how to get new. As the winter is not yet finally decided to withdraw , you could prepare an oily cake and surprise your family with them when serving hot pasta with a golden shine. In addition to zgrijati cold hands, a portion of homemade cheese or marmalade from pomegranates would saturate those nagladnije stomachs.
Necessary ingredients for making the dough, that will be enough for four people, are
700g plain flour or 1-kg Fat-cake like the one that rules our grandmothers 20g fresh yeast - or a packet that is dry. g 10 - 1 teaspoon sugar 1-2 teaspoon salt 1 dl of lukewarm water 1 cup sour milk some milk - ½ cup - 3 eggs to coat you will need: 250g butter 2 egg yolks
process of preparing the fatty cake goes like this:

1, dissolve yeast in warm milk with sugar and little water. When you see that the yeast is gaining weight and volume, it searches a larger bowl, add flour, 3 eggs, salt and dough. Then let the mixture remain in a warm rise 40 minutes. If you want salt, or maybe Slatna neutral variant cake, combine large amounts of salt or sugar.
2 is elevated dough should be divided into seven equal parts, each part then another premjesite. Each of these pieces of roll in a slightly larger circle, let the measure be pan you have. In the meantime, mix the margarine to make it easier coated. These seven circles-some are 5mm thick - brush with equal amounts of butter, arrange them one over the other and only the last is on top of a coated margarine.
third such complex pieces of dough cut into 8 equal triangles - making recalls as the rolls -. As you remember to pay attention to the well-cut them at the bottom of each triangle that is not separated. Each triangle now i need to narolate to the opposite side of the pointed top. Now these eight Ronica need to cut in half and do it with a sharp knife and swift movement.
4 container that you intended for baking brush with oil or grease, pan with parchment paper and arrange the pieces of dough into a circle - Let the wide end at the edge of the baker and the other pieces in the middle -. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and allow to leave in a warm 1-2 hours, watch the dough rise. bread before baking brush with beaten egg yolk and place in preheated oven at 200 degrees. Optimum cooking time is 45 minutes, although you evaluate how your oven bakes, you may need less or more minutes. Make sure cake does not quickly turn black top.
After that up to you to decide how much the cake to cool, and whether will generally be necessary to serve a side dish with this delicious dough! Lets nice!
video below you can see another way to make the cake:

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