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Original for Valentines Day

Uputestvo to create original greeting cards for Valentines Day with a look of old baroque details. This is a simple guide with pictures ...

Barónka Make greeting in style and to make it look like a prop from a love of old movies. I believe that this will leave a card everyone, regardless of gender, breathless. This is much better than buying the best gift because this will show a much better and more original way, how much do you care about someone.
What we need to create such
1 piece of red paper
2 1 black bead
3 red tape
4 brown paper bag that is easy to go everywhere
5 a light colored sheet of A4 paper
6-9. crayon or ink pot the seals, stamps differently designed templates ...
10th paper glue scissors
11th 12th black pen, marker
13th ruler

Step 1
decorate the outside of paper bags to the side where the bottom is bent - he who had the opportunity to see a paper bag to know before opening the bag, the bottom is curved on one side -. To use a floral decoration that will mold crayons or paint over it and dip into the inkwell nanosti on paper. This may not be perfect because this is not the focus of the design. If you do not have a seal or try to stalk the drawing of a motive.

Step 2
Fold the bag as shown in Figure
Step 3
Share A4 format as shown in the picture - the measures are in inches - thats it the other side of a ruler: D - Step 5
decorate 4 x 4 paper that you cut the A4 sheet so that it borders with scissors first. It is best to use a zig zag scissors . Do not cut a lot of edge. then crumple up the paper to the point that gets them fired an antique look. then flatten and press it into the ink pot and seal the edges of the few places in the middle until you get the desired look. Remember that you can use or eyebrow pencil but Use the brush side of Kreon.
Step 6 Paste the 4 x 4 and 3 x 3 odrazani piece of paper in the manner shown in the picture:
Step 7

Use a template or stamp olovokom draw decoration on the bottom of the bag.
Step 8
decorate 4th 5 x 5 second paper in the same way we have to done in Step 5, Step 9
Paste the fourth 5 x 5 second piece of paper that we decorate in the previous step and cut out the hole in the bag in place and the length of a ruler marked in the picture:

Step 10 Cut a piece of paper
third dimension of 5 x 1 5, on the one hand and rub it with glue and push it into the hole that we made in the previous step. Make sure the piece of paper that goes all the way to the bottom of the bag. This will ensure that a secret letter to gently slip inside the bag.
Then we cut 2 x 5 piece of paper first, and to that end at one end of the triangle. then spreads and this piece and glue it put his hand to the burning hole. we actually made the case for our letter. View carefully
11th step
diagonally Fold a piece of red paper and draw a heart on it, which is then cut out and decorate.

12th step
heart with one hand and rub the glue into the hole that we made in previous steps. View details.
13th step
Cut a piece of tape from 6 to 8 decorate eyebrow pencil or ink and paste it into position as shown
14th step
Cut and decorate and three pieces of paper the size of first 5 x 0 5 and Paste them as shown.
15th step
Cut decorative red tape and thread the bead through it. Paste the strip around the entire greeting cards. Then cut another piece of tape and pull enough through bead and paste the card.
16th step
Write your initials on your heart, and then write a letter all the imagination you have and expressing your honest feelings. Fold the letter as shown.

17 step
Place your letter in its place and you have the card you never even dreamed of. We hope that you fail to make such a card and surprise your sweetheart or darling.

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