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Dress decoupage | decoupage technique

Decoupage technique of decorating objects with glue collages. Learn all about the basics of this technique.

Decoupage - decoupage - technique is one of the oldest techniques of decorating items. Basically it comes down to paper clips, glue the pieces of wood furniture, frames, mirrors, or ceramic objects. Those with a little imagination and the will of this technique can completely change the appearance of a dwelling or to do almost anything you can imagine.
this technique is most often decorated with pieces of wood furniture that is covered with clippings from magazines, newspapers or decorative napkin papirantih. With this technique, the goal is to the clips, which attach motives completely blend into the background, so izledaju as if they were painted or printed on the surface they decorate.
traditional decoupage techniques involved the painting in over 40 films and then sanding to the motive, the clip is a better fit the background of the case. Origin tehnije decoupage is from Japan. It is there to facilitate the commercial adhesives for this technique.
example of decoupage techniques from 1914. Today is the application of this technique much easier. It is no longer necessary to paint in countless layers it is sufficient to obtain commercial adhesives that contain within themselves but easy. This work should be accurate. first to apply adhesive to the surface to decorate, and then a nice theme, wallpaper. be pasted carefully and choose a theme, which is thin in order not to too stressed from the surface. It is evenly applied adhesive so as not to have wrinkles which disturb the aesthetic appearance. How nice should be corrected immediately, and iron lightly with your fingers, bumps and any creases. In the end all must patiently wait for it to dry before use.

need for a Decoupage - decoupage - a technique
The material should always be:
object that we want to decorate: a piece of furniture, photo album, trays, ceramic objects, metal objects, plastic, shelf, or something else if desired pictures, clippings from newspapers or something else which we want to brighten the subject. This can be found in magazines, newspapers, catalogs, books on the Internet - to process images and then print them -, greeting cards, napkins - salvetna techniques - Scissors, Skalper or something else to cut. decorated with a collage of pictures of wild flowers adhesive - can be used and are usually white glue diluted with water, but it is better to find a special glue for this purpose by found in major shopping malls and specialty shops for creative people. Something that can serve as a roller for smoothing wrinkles and bulges brushes, sponges, cotton or other alternatives that can be used to evenly apply glue. padding, a tissue or cloth to wipe the excess glue
This is only a brief overview of the techniques that really offers a lot. In this paper, we only cover the basics decoupage - decoupage - art. In the next couple of techniques youll objansniti detailed application of this technique on a few items so stay with us.

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