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3D snowman of paper

Create 3D paper. Fun adventure in this paper.

Children can enjoy a winter spell out a special treat. Use of these materials outside party can transfer the warmth of the home by the klnicima made of paper and create a so-called. Three-dimensional image. This
you will need:
blue poster board paper collage paper white paper - the imitation snow - black confetti - from which to make eyes and a smile - can a black marker and draw a circular coasters - in two dimensions , at 5 pieces - a cup of felt - wool treated with water and heat, soft - paper from old paper scissors glue stapler
Preparation flows through these steps:
circles of felt arrange side by side, fold the zaheftajte half and in the middle. This seems to make the snowman was stable. This Paste circuits connected to your base, this time to the blue paper collage. larger circles will be the stomach, and small heads. If you want your snowman made of three parts, then you will need another size of the circles. This step brings the user to make these balls. This is for any size: Arrange the circles on each other and fold them in half, correct, and zaheftajte the middle. Then, you need to weeks at a time with all the presavijanoj line, we recommend connecting 6-7 pieces. The more paper ball will be richer and stronger. continues to merge the two adjacent sites in the middle, and then the ends. procedure is repeated with the ball. of old newspapers in the form of papers connected to a broom handle and paste collage on paper as a background for remainder of this paper cut into the shape of triangles and paste the broom handle. of kofete paste on your face to get the eyes and mouth. Instead of confetti you can use paper collage black markers ... Nos-Carrots and hat made from a collage of paper.
This ornament will be a long stop in and will not melt or escape through the chimney.

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