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How safe jailbreak iPod Touch

How to Jailbreak the iPod touch device? In 6 easy steps learn how to unlock your ipod touch.

iPod Touch is a beautiful device, and really versatile. However, Apple has a lot to limit his potential by locking their firmware. Only way you can unlock your iPod, to use his full potential and successfully install and use a variety of applications is to create so-called Jailbreak. Unfortunately before you had to take apart your iPod and erased from the device warranty. Fortunately, the recently discovered system through which you can, with very little technical knowledge, a completely safe to do guarantee. This is 100% safe way without risking damage to your iPod.
Instructions Step 1
First check the firmware version of your iPod. It must be. or 3. 4 as the last two versions. firmware version of your iPod you can check when you connect it to itunes. If you do not have the latest version of the first upgrade you make.
Step 2
Open http://download. ziphone. org site and download Widnows or mac version of jailbreak software. A total of 18 megabytes large. After downloading, open the installer and extract the files to a folder on your computer.
Step 3 Open the folder where you unzipped the program and unzip the file Ziphone. After this, open the file ZipHoneGUI. exe
Step 4 Make sure that your iPod is connected to the computer via the USB port. In which we opened in the previous step, click the Jailbreak button, located on the left interface.
Step 5
Leave iPod connected until Ziphone program completes its work.
Step 6
Thats all. Disconnect your computer and enjoy the new freedom of your iPod.

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