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How to transfer music to iPhone

For those who begin to use Apple products, here are instructions on how music is transferred from PC to iPhone

Nowadays it is hard to find someone who is still using the old mobile phone production. Today are mostly multi-purpose devices including the iPhone excels. Since these types of phones are no longer just devices for communication, but more fashion Details can be found in all colors and shapes. When you see someone in the cafe who used his mobile phone as a computer, MP3 player and, of course, know that House sms it comes to just the iPhone.
Before buying a phone of its kind here are a few key information about him. Apple is a manufacturer of multi-functional devices, which in addition to touch screen 3.5-inch 480x320 resolution and 163 PPI - pixels per inch - includes a memory of up to 16 GB! features a component such as GSM / GPRS / EDGE, Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth, and light sensors that automatically adapt to external circumstances, or off when the phone moves to the ear. Its length is 115 mm, width 61 mm, thickness 11.6 mm and weighs only 135 g ! In September this year, came the latest, the fifth version of the iPhone. When you have this phone, youll want to enjoy all its benefits, as well as music.
Step by step to the music on your iPhone
To switch the music on the iPhone you need Apples applications, iTunes, which is used to synchronize all the devices of the parent company. Visit this web site http://www. apple. com / itunes / download / and download it to your computer. After you install this application-launch will open the window - now its time to connect your phone to the USB that came with it and connect to your computer - then you will be on the left side of the iTunes window up a new item under the name of your phone . Click the Music and you will appear a list of songs currently available on the iPhone. Of course, if the phone list in November will be empty. To switch the song needed to open the folder on your computer where they are located. Then simply drag that is. constant holding the left click on the song and moving the cursor within the iTunes application, place the songs in your list. to do a moment youll be able to play the desired track on the phone. Another useful thing is to create a playlist in the iTunes window. Thus, it is much easier to organize and arrange your music. mouse button go to the iPhone user name and select New Playlist. After this you will get a new tab in which it enter the name of the playlist - Rock, Pop, Hip Hop etc. -. When you do this and click again in the same tab and insert the new audio content in the earlier set playlist. As soon as you put it like this and arrange for its lists, you have it easier subsequent search of songs and all tracks can be used immediately on your mobile device. Success! You have successfully switched all audio content you want from your computer to iPhone. Now you can enjoy your favorite sounds.

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