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How to fix a remote control

How many times have you happened to make you betray a remote control. Here are some solutions to common failures.

introduced cable television and youll finally be able to enjoy all the benefits of the program through excellent color and sound. In addition to excellent resolution, you can follow the events from almost any corner of the world.
Large number of channels supported by different human interest, and brings the story of culture, information media, music and film arts, sporting events, with descriptions of adventure travel and gastronomy. Because so many different content that are available at all times, be difficult to keep only one field. Then, when the case happens to coincide with the film program sporting events, or when the length of advertising material is unreasonably time slots of tolerance, the starting point is the remote control as the only salvation from such situations.
Most simply, we reach for the remote device from the two reasons: due to the wearied thousandth odgledanih advertising, uninteresting content on the screen and the ordinary human curiosity to follow the most current information from any branch of human occupation. However, with 10 channels we want to move to 77, and the remote does nothing. precious minutes pass , and the first turn to check the batteries. Once we realize that all is well with them, it drmamo, shock and create a nervous scene. Your contributions to the sport or a diary, but have largely gone, and this number does not make sense to switch channels manually.
See what you can do at home regarding the repair of your TV remote control apparatus: First you need to know if the buttons are not working, ie. if there is nothing you can do with it, youll have to replace it. We will take into account that does not work for some button, for example. volume + or button to switch the channel-. There are several reasons why the button does not work: copper plate, which contains every daljnski, for some reason the rust. has accumulated below the buttons. When the button pristisne not contact with the board.
For the first case you need to open your unit, clean the rust and if necessary soldering iron solder wire. Ill bring you tips for the remaining two cases. How dirty should be cleaned under the buttons? You need to open your device, you is quite easy, and obvious to the board containing circuits-circuits. You can use any clean cloth and a bit of soap - you can use any other polish, but watch out for the band to avoid damaging the board -. Pat dry by the board to pass on dry and gently remove. Use a coin to clear carbon lines that are part of the car. Above that button does not work, delete rust coin. course, be careful not to damage anything, and yet hard enough you can press to remove waste. Call for help aluminum foil, following the proposal. If you can not serve two past cases, try aluminum foil so it will cut a small piece in the form of a button that does not work and paste the problem. Connect the device to its original position with more patience and try to switch to the desired channel audio.
If you do not succeed, know that you tried everything, do not throw the appliance and wait till the next morning going to the store. you can recycle your old device. Successful repair of desire.

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