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How to make the usb lego cubes

An interesting creative idea

Universal Serial Bus or USB acronym for England since he became 1998. To the present day, only advanced, both in terms of abundance of memory and the speed of data transfer. Over time, much progress in terms of looks , color, design. Today it is impossible to pass a day without using a USB, be transferred photos, Tex or exchange movies with friends.
must admit that the choice of the small memory in addition to paying attention to the size of the content that can store, one of the essential detail is the appearance, something that will carry a message, your personal touch. At the same time, usb with some detail will be easier to use and store because it will be easier to find timemnogo among all your computer cables. bring you how to make your proposal, the unusual usb lego bricks.
need to create: usb memory
2 Lego l jepilo bonsek silicone - or any other saw, sharp knife - you
First, of course, Lego needs. Specifically, you need two pieces of lego bricks as Lego operate on the principle of fitting. As shown in this example usb larger scale, taken a big lego cube. Cubes cleanse from the inside with a knife so that it remains an empty place in your USB memory. Since USB has metakni protruding part that is put into a computer, your next task is to cut them some of the Lego-hole, so that the metal part sticking out of the cube. This will get the best cut bonsekom or other smaller saw, maybe a sharp knife. Calculate the extent of metal and a hole in it so much at stake. Only one die cut and the second from the top to coincide universal serial bus-usb - After you cut the hole for the metal part, insert the usb lego cube. Prior to this, you need something to do with the plastic part which has so far been placed your usb. You have to separate and remove the motherboard - boards located inside the usb-a - and it will fit into your lego cube. If you do not want to crawl around the separation These plastics, insert a usb with plastic, but then note the size of Lego. Now is the time to ensure USB by silicone. silicone tube can be found in any store which sell pottery at very cheap price . Silicone will make the usb motherboard tighter and more stable in the lego blocks. After a few minutes of rest for silicon, paste other lego cube from above. Leave some time to solidify the adhesive, and then test your new usb. Lego blocks and silicon are very hard to the flash memory will be under heavy loads.
When you insert the USB into the computer and run the device, will shine a strange glow cube. Switch folders, files on a newly designed USB and relive childhood.

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