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How to Make a spare key from plastic bottles

Make a plastic spare keys to the common plastic bottles. These keys can always carry with them and have them in multiple copies. Thin and flexible does not cause problems if you wear them in your pocket or purse and unlocked almost all the locks.

What you need:
Skalper lead pencil scissors clean sheet of paper, plastic bottles of paper glue scotch tape the metal cover of cheap lighters
Procedure: 1
. cut off a small piece of plastic from a plastic bottle, only slightly larger in diameter than the key.
second key to put the paper and pencil trace the contours of the key.
3 Scissors clothing piece of paper on which we have outlined the key, roughly the width of plastic, which we have previously prepared.
4 plotted pattern coat adhesive for paper and glue to plastic.
5 Skalper slowly cut off the contours of the pattern key.
6 sections cover the lighter and stick it to tape the upper part of the key as to be the head.
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