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How to read minds?

Literally mind-reading is not possible, and belongs to the realm of science fiction. However, we can instruct you how to learn imresivno speculate, based on the psychological tricks of the analysis.

This guide will teach you how to really read thoughts, it is very likely something that belongs to the domain and the paranormal does not exist. They even appeared in recent years and various devices go on sale that promise you a help them succeed read others thoughts. None of them work. This outcome is expected. literally mind-reading is not possible, and belongs to the realm of science fiction. However, we can instruct you how to learn imresivno speculate, based on the tricks of psycho analysis.
The following steps are guidelines that can be used and through which to explore and improve their knowledge of human behavior.
first step
Use body language to specify the person next to you to feel comfortable. smiling is, tilt your head to one side when listening to them, hold your hands apart and lean torso and legs to them.
Step 2 Measure how relaxed by reading their palms. Do you have their hands slightly twisted? When you shake their hands if they are cold or hot and sweaty. All that shows unease.
Step 3
Study their face, especially in the upper part. False smile does not reach the eyes, so if the eye The territory remains smooth and nenaborano. person despite smile may feel nervous, they might even be skeptical. course too much botox makes this analysis impossible.
Step 4 Make a trap that will help you find the information. Ask a general question : You are worried about something, have not you? Somethings on your mind lately?
Step 5 Listen carefully to their answers so you can adjust your tactics. If you become nervous and emotional that you know they hit a nerve and continue with your work, if not then move on to another subject.
Step 6 Observe the so-called micro-expressions, which they usually do not pay attention. example. if a person is lying to say is not worried about something, almost imperceptible to nodding his head up - down as if unconsciously statement.
Step 7 Ask the person something that almost everyone has such a common experience or characteristic. As an album of old photos, then ikoristite it to reach even more necessary of information. example. all can be identified in some kind of events such as a scar on her right knee, part of jewelry that means something to them, the incident in his childhood and the like.
Step 8 Learn the basic body language. Say people with hands cupped behind the body or behind your head is full samopouzanja, crossed arms indicate disagreement, the man with the thumb attached to poakzuje sexual ostupnost and woman playing with her hair and sitting cross-legged.
Step 9
imitate them, that their movements. If you put your hand under your chin and you do the same to establish a more intimate relationship. If this does not help them read better, will help you be more open.

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