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Trick Increase the volume of your iPod, phone, mp3 player

A simple trick that can boost the sound of your phone and play music with their friends in a simple and interesting way.

How many times you want to happen in the company of a good song to listen to your phone, iPod, iPhone or mp3 player, but in this instance you do not have speakers that can help you. Here simple magic tricks from our home workshop. All you need is an ordinary glass. Simply place the phone, or one device with a play that sound into the cup, put a cup on a wooden, or other hard surface. Acoustics glasses will increase the volume - volume - and the bass. sound will change dramatically, especially will be resolved and sharp piskavih tonava who reproduce small speakers built into your device. This we checked in a variety of noisy situations, such as a kitchen with appliances included and the difference is noticeable. You can also experiment with different forms of glass and plastic containers with a try, or if you have some wood, they provide the warmest tone.

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