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How to solve the task of physics

A brief guide to the guidelines for problem solving in physics. If this creates a problem of physics is the text for you.

Physics is one of the most worst cases in primary and secondary schools. Particular kind of thought contribute to the tasks, which often do not know how to begin. This article will give you a few key guidelines for problem solving in physics.
First and perhaps most important rule is that the task is well read, well I think with this on a carefully and meticulously reading that usually goes in three stages. First stage - or the first reading - is just to inform you about what our mission says. Many are afraid long tasks, ie tasks with lots of text, but usually they are the easiest, because it comes with lots of text lots of information to help us later to rid tak task properly.
second stage - reading - help us to Capture all the information we received in the text. It is customary to write one below the other, and to withdraw at the end of the line below which we write what is in effect asking us to do in this task. Third Reading - stage - it is very important, because in it we connect all the data we obtained.
When we finished reading the order to cast the problem solving. My advice is to be printed on paper all the formulas that we know and that are relevant to the task given to us. relevant are those that contain Some of the information we got, and in addition must meet the conditions described in the problem. When we do, now up to us to bring together like a puzzle. To one side we have the information that is required of us, and all the other known information from the description of the task. Do not give up and surrender to
In the end you only need to include numbers - if they are given - and the simple calculation.
at the end of the following checks. Be sure to check the calculations, because as a rule, stealing a small error, which ultimately cost us very important points. Think carefully about how your score has a physical sense. example, the result you get room temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, or a car moving at 3000 miles per hour. These results should alert you that you made a mistake somewhere and that we should once again go through the whole task.
This text was prepared for you physicists from ex-Yugoslavia. excellent articles from all fields of physics can follow up on their website world of physics.

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