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How to Open a Beer with a sheet of paper


Heres a neat trick for all parties and all the party on whom it can happen. In fact many times happens that a party have proper opener for beer and then performing most men who know the trick with a lighter.
trick with lighter, we surely have seen many times. It is performed by holding beer in hand embracing the fist part of the cap and push the lever as a lighter plug. If you do this quickly will be heard and flop, and the lid will fly away which only contributes pivopijskoj atmosphere. However, the opening of the bottle with a sheet of paper is something you can not see very often. Learn this trick and be a major hot dog at a party or picnic: - If you do not have a wine opener here you can find instructions for opening wine bottles without the opener.
procedure of opening beer with paper
If you already know how to open beer with lighter or other bottles of beer, opening with a sheet of paper will be a routine that you do not have to try. All we need is A4 sheet of paper, one that we use for printing. It does not matter whether the pipir whether or not printed, each will serve its purpose.
simply fold the paper to the first lengthwise, then crosswise, and so on until were more could folds and until we get a form of paper like a cigarette lighter or something we can easily use as a lever. detailed procedure, see the following video:
b / b
This is all the in the end not to zaborvate lajkujete, if we are liked our little trick.

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