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How to save money

Here is a list of successful methods of saving. Learn how to save money.

How we live in a time in which to spend more than income, and where the second loan raised to pay the first, saving us is not that close. There are opportunities, we can not, read some explanation. At first glance, its true. But if you think about it, youll see that we are saving money now more than ever, and that is not so difficult to achieve, at least not as much as it seems. In the financial world, it does not matter Is it a small shop on the corner or a giant cache Carry market, the highest salary on the cheapest items. And the earnings and savings are two very similar terms.
What I want to tell you is, save it so you will earn up to you! Try to put on paper how much money you just go on a monthly or annual basis, the small everyday luxuries - coffee in a coffee shop, snack foods, fast foods, sweets, phone credit ... -. That money, if you multiply it by 20-30 years you will see that it makes a very nice sum. Everything is habit, choose their priorities and istrajte in savings.
Some methods of saving
Now I will show you some of the concrete, I think, of mandatory savings. Provide their children. You know how a job is worth today. college degrees are condemned to dust you if a relative is not the minister, mayor, or deputy in the ruling party. Call me a pessimist, but I do not see anything that will change next fifty years. So, if you are thinking long term, there are savings programs for children in almost any bank where you open an account spans a number of years and to pay him monthly payments in EUR. Let one of the war is 30 € - about 100 dinars a day - , for 18 years, your child will use 6,500 €! course to 18 - and the childs access to their accounts just parents. If your payment in dinars, the authority to pay money to that account will have cousins, aunts, grandmothers, blankets .. . great way to provide as much as possible the future of your children, and that the mere habit of saving. Collect sicula and the end of the month to pass a pension savings account Save. If you are employed, you do not have a beneficiary tenure, then you probably already thought about pension savings. To achieve the best would be to reach agreement with your employer to set aside part of your income and paid into the account of the voluntary pension fund. This would be tax exempt amounting to 894 dinars third! After your payments each revenues to grow by 12%. Get imaginary target. This means saving money for something that you decided to get in the near future - new furniture, renovation of electrical home appliances, garden editor, fixing cars ... -. To speed up process and before you reach a certain sum of money, with the separation of the monthly income, try to rearrange some lifestyle. dresses in stores where things are so. second hand. One of the best ways to save money is reflected in the fact that, as and where you buy clothes. On a good, sturdy boots that are not leaking, coat and underwear need to set aside a little higher amount of money and visit the shops of assured quality. Other pieces of clothing you are free to purchase the second hand shops. There you can select one of the clothing that is too loose you, take it to the tailor and save again, some amount of money. Goods, located in such activity, is imported, mostly from Western Europe and America, and much of the composition the quality of the things contained in our boutiques. Search for second hand shops can still be interesting because the goods are not subject to any specifically enforced, traders are less intrusive and more patient in relation to any worker in a boutique in the center of town. Avoid public transportation and taxi. Since prices for both types of transport are constantly growing and have no intention to stop, use a bicycle, if you hurry, or simply walk. Get up early every day just half an hour, change your habits to nake little to take you on a walk. If to each working day during the month of work around public transportation and so throughout the year to save an ten-day vacation at sea.
Saving money = a waiver, but what to do, that we intended to accomplish a little effort. Start with small amounts and subsequently increase the amount, you just get used to.

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