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How to train a dog? | Pets

How to train a dog? To train a dog to man it takes a lot of patience and understanding because the dog can not understand our commands

To train a dog to man it takes a lot of patience and understanding because the dog can not understand our commands. It is ideal to start with training of the dog as a puppy, although older dogs can learn commands, but to a much greater period of time. Most common occurrence is to families with young children, members of each of them and otherwise trained dog. Then the dog does not know what should do and what not, so it becomes more and more confused. Inconsistency is more common in women, which usually results from excessive and wrong in the method of calculation love for the dog.
in dressing dogs is one of a few categories: way of punishing dogs way of rewarding dogs Teaching dogs commands DOG
way of punishing a dog when does something wrong, the method of punishment explain to him that it no longer works. most useful in this issue of these modes of punishment: Pat the muzzle < I> Tying the chain a few minutes - if the dog is otherwise in the chain - insulation to another room for a few minutes If you know the command PEACE, ENOUGH and similar with a raised voice his utter them Bad dog behavior is NOT to be solved by kicking or any crude way, the dog because it causes violent behavior! way of rewarding DOG
After every command obeyed, after each response , it is necessary to reward the dog. dog feels bad and good moments of their owners and seek attention in both cases. Best awards are Fondling, Draganja or scratching treat you dog has a habit - keksići, canine chocolate ... - game - throwing a ball, frisbee .... - Learn PSA Dial
important item is the reward of learning commands dog! It a lot of times to repeat the same command every time a command is obeyed - even if the dog accidentally do what you expect from him - give him a treat. Do not shift command every day, but teach the dog two to three weeks the same.

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