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How the individual named psamine? | Pets

What are some psamine named? If you live in the countryside and you have to take care of sheep or cattle, spoiled little puppy will not be of great help

If you live in the countryside and you have to take care of sheep or cattle, spoiled little puppy will not be of great help. However, if you live in a small apartment somewhere in the city, a long-haired dog that would make a terrible mess in no time
Dogs have become domesticated animals long before other animals, and people have grown more than two hundred dog breeds that they are used in different ways for different purposes. Certain breeds of dogs were named after some of its characteristic. Shepherd, of course, keeps a flock of sheep, dachshund and Birdman help man the hunt. Terriers who love digging in the ground, get their name from the Latin word terra,,, country.
Bernarnardinac is so named after the monastery of St. Bernard in the Alps, where these types of dogs and raised. Cocker Spaniel originated in Spain, as its title suggests. Did you know that the Romans all the dogs distributed into three groups? These were: smart, fast, and fighting dogs. And today, for example, by the rules of the American Kennel Club, dogs are divided into six main groups: sporting dogs, which hunt by smell in the air, hunting dogs, who love sniffing the ground, terriers who love digging in the ground, working dogs, dogs, pet , which are used for many other tasks.

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