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How to clean soap? | Hygiene

How soap clean? Today we would probably be difficult to imagine life without soap

today we would probably be difficult to imagine life without soap. Personal hygiene is so important thing that we, with respect to it, the soap could be considered one of mans first discovery. However, the soap is learned only at the beginning of a new era. In In addition, one uses soap only 2000 years!
But how soap cleans?
There are various explanations. One explanation is: the soap breaks down the oily dirt particles are so small that water can wash them. In this way to create emulsions, similar mljeńćnoj fluid, by which the particles are washed.
second explanation: the soap and dirt particles are overlaid in this way makes them slippery, so they can keep an area where there were up to then
Water has what is called surface tension, ie, it behaves as if it was covered with a thin elastic membrane. The surface tension does not allow water to besieged on all sides with tiny bits of dust on our skin or impure fabrics. Suppose soap, dissolved in water, reducing the surface tension, and because of this soap solution manages to surround dirt particles from all parts and extract them, after which they are easily washed from the skin is fabric.
Soap and other cleaning detergents are often called. This name derives from the Latin word detergare, which means clean, wipe out. Many people think that soap is not soap, but also soaps and special cleansers, detergents may be called.
Modern chemistry has created a highly effective cleaning agent, which is sometimes called soap without soap. Their main feature is to reduce the surface tension of water, and therefore fail to thoroughly penetrate under all sorts of impure particles. Such no soap, soaps used to produce shampoos, washing powders and toothpaste.
There are different kinds of soaps with different names. Soaps scraper remove unwanted layers, oil soaps contain oil for removing heavy grease. There are soaps and wax that stays processed on the skin and after drying. special type of soap is a soap made from olive oil

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