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What is polio? | Health

What is polio? Few diseases have caused so much discussion and so much fear as polio, or poliomyelitis

Few diseases have caused so much discussion and so much fear as polio, or poliomyelitis. This disease occurs in epidemics, but there are still isolated cases. Although usually attacks children, anyone can suffer from polio. Of large number of people who suffer from polio, there are few who get a severe form of disease. Polio - poliomyelitis - the acute infectious disease caused by poliovirus. | most common form of poliomyelitis lasts a day or two, causing headache, fever , sore throat, and stomach disorders, but leaves no paralysis. In just one of hundreds of such cases the doctor can identify serious form of polio. of hundreds of cases in which polio is reliably established, half of the patients healed without consequences, 30% have minor effects, 14 % have severe paralysis, and 6% may die. possibility of contracting polio in the first years of life is only 1:156. Poliomyelitis is caused by three different viruses. When polio virus enters the body through the nerves on the blood reaches the brain and spinal cord . virus grows in the cells of the spinal cord gray matter. When these nerve cells swell and become ill, the muscles that are under their control can not work. They were seized - paralyzed. If the nerves heal, the muscles can be re-run. But if the virus destroys nerve cells, muscle cells, which are in connection with them forever taken away. There are several types of polio, depending on which part of the body affected by disease. Spinal polio attacks the nerves in the spinal cord. Bulbar poliomyelitis attacks extended cord and can paralyze breathing muscles Many Lives were saved thanks to the steel lungs which mechanically keep breathing in patients with these types of polio. Today there is hope that the threat of polio completely removed. Dr. Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine received by millions of people to protect themselves. It vaccine is one of the greatest achievements in medicine and gave the people new hope.

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