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How the blood clots? | Health

As blood coagulates? Young healthy person can lose a whole third of the total amount of your blood, but will nevertheless survive

A young healthy person can lose a whole third of the total amount of your blood, but will nevertheless survive. Continuous bleeding or blood loss when we are sick can be very dangerous.
Nature protect us from this danger by being Blood endowed ability to clot. But if clotting occurred in the circulatory system, it could be just as dangerous. When the blood is poured into a very smooth and greased glass bowl, it will curdle! If you immerse yourself in the blood of a glass rod, it will not coagulate again. But when you take a wooden stick, began to clot. | Thus, it appears that the required surface is uneven or injury of blood vessels to begin the process of blood clotting.
blood coagulation - coagulation - a process that occurs after injury to blood vessels, then there is formation of a blood clot - thrombus -, the stopper that closes the blood vessel. When violations are fewer blood vessels that normally process about ten minutes. In the process involved surrounding muscle tissue, damaged blood vessels, platelets - platelets - and more than 20 different proteins, known as clotting factors - factors of coagulation -.
First, the blood appears very fine stitches one substance called fibrin . These threads are provided in all directions and create a kind of network. They captured all blood cells, just as the spiders web catch insects. At this place, the blood stops moving and turns into a kind of pond with stagnant blood cells.
Fibrin threads are strong and very elastic blood cells and keep connected to clot. blood clot is the plug that nature created to protect us from loss of blood. blood clotting time is not the same for all people. There are people whose blood coagulates very slowly or it does not clot. This disease is called hemophilia.

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