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How to develop a blood transfusion? | Health

How to develop a blood transfusion? Blood transfusion

Blood transfusion - Lat = transfundere pour - the process of transferring blood from the blood of one person to another persons blood system. Need for blood donation, there is a lot of reasons: if someone is injured or seriously injured, when the risk of death from internal bleeding, then if necessary to the operation and the patient was physically exhausted
etc. Sometimes it is necessary urgently to blood loss be compensated or to temporarily boost immunity. Sometimes half a liter or a liter of blood in the vein of timely saves the day Life. | first historical attempt at blood transfusion was described by a chronicler Stefano Infessura. Infessura that speaks to the 1492nd year, when Pope Innocent VIII. fell into a coma, the blood of three boys entered the blood of the dying head of the Church recommended by a physician. Boys were around ten years old. All three boys were later umrla.Postoje guessed the truth of this story.
idea of ​​a blood transfusion is not new. More 1654th year Italian physician Francesco Foli tried to do transfusion of blood from one animal. to another. Later attempts transfusions of animal blood in human beings, but to no avail.
Today it is known that animals of one type does not accept the blood of animals of another species. It essentially acts as a poison and always causing death. Only during the First World War there has been great progress in giving blood. had already known that the blood of some people can safely give to other people. This led to the classification of blood in the four main blood , which is determined by laboratory methods.
Blood donors must match the recipients blood, so it is first necessary to determine the blood group and one and precious. In hospitals there are so called.,. blood bank, where the blood is kept at low temperature and gives people injured when the need arises

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