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How is syphilis? | Health

How is syphilis? Syphilis is a contagious venereal disease caused by spirochete bacteria

Syphilis is a contagious venereal disease caused by spirochete bacteria. If left untreated, can cause dangerous damage to the nervous system, heart or brain and ultimately even lead to death. Fortunately, today there are medications to help them be successful syphilis removed. How is it spread? unprotected sex, sharing sex toys with an infected person or direct contact with the skin of the person has sores or a rash of syphilis. |
Syphilis can not be transferred through sitting on the toilet bowl through the door handles, swimming pool, a hot bath, sharing odijeće, or through eating utensils. What are the symptoms? There are four stages of infection: first stage - one or more sores around or in the vagina or penis, and sometimes the mouth and anus. These sores will appear two or three weeks after infection with syphilis. last for two to six weeks and are very contagious.
second stage - a period of two to six months after infection in the body may appear rash. may occur flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache and sore throat. Flat growths like warts on the vulva in women and about anus in men and women. Both stages can pass unnoticed. Third stage: After several years, usually 6-10, starting tertiary stage. At this stage there are no visible signs of illness but the bacteria is most likely already begun to attack the heart, brain and other internal organe.Ako are not treated: fourth stage - permanent damage to the heart, brain and other organs, which can lead to death. This last stage is quite rare and occurs many years after infection if treatment is not carried out. Unlike other infectious diseases, syphilis does not create lasting immunity, so it is possible to become infected by it once again. How to cure a disease? prescribing antibiotics against infection. It is important that both partners are treated to avoid re-infection. may be necessary. first three stages are cured completely without any permanent damage, while the final stage can stop further damage.

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