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How to Quit Smoking? | Health

How to Quit Smoking? Would you like to spend your whole life as a smoker? If you ignore this article, and if not read

you want to spend your whole life as a smoker? If you ignore this article, and if not keep reading. With cigarettes is very simple, the more you smoke, the more you lose, quit smoking and not at all a real problem. Every time you quench cigarette, you are giving up smoking. |
First you light a cigarette and read the pros and cons of your smoking. If you just breathed in smoke cigarettes, you can feel that he was not at all appetizing ? Do you feel like you are now better focused, relaxed, now you are under stress and you are not bored, you look more sophisticated or grown up, you look smarter??
If so, get ready for the big news! These are all nonsense! This is your brain telling you the truth, but it is not, but it is a lie! brainwashing! Based in Hollywood, advertising, subliminal messages and a general misconception, people think they have something of the cigarette, but unfortunately do not have anything .... The cigarette is not affects the concentration does not improve it!
not affect the relaxation and stress, youre always nervous and under stress, especially if you do not have a cigarette nearby.
There is nothing spectacular and refined in the stinking smoke, hideous breath, stinky clothes , brown / yellow teeth and fingers.
cigarette smokers enjoy - whether you really enjoy in that stinking cigarette, which currently hold in your hand?
Smokers are addicted to drugs - nicotine. Nicotine is not needed. It is not food, than poison. In other words, the effect of brainwashing leads us to think that within us there is a weakness that reduces cigarette and that, if we stop smoking, gaps occur in us.
Understand once and for all: CIGARETTES DO NOT fills the gap. ONE IS OUR .
Smoking cessation:
1.Donesite decision and it never does not call into question or doubt
Bring a firm decision that youll never smoke, chew or suck on something that contains nicotine and strictly follow their decision. If you have ever considered the pros and cons of smoking, the conclusion was always the same: We should stop smoking. Smoking is just stupid. That nothing can ever change. Its always been so and always will be. know that You made the right decision. Do not ever bother themselves with questioning and suspicion in this decision. 2.Shvatite to waive
not anything that I mean not only that you will simply feel better as a non-smoker - that you yourself are aware of - ; not think that even though there is no rational reason to smoking, it must provide the kind of pleasure or support because if it does, certainly not to smoke. What I am saying is that there is no real pleasure from smoking aid. This is just a delusion, delight in smoking can be compared with relief that we feel when we stop banging your head against the wall. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What makes quitting smoking difficult is fear. Fear of loss of enjoyment or support. fear that certain nice situations will no longer be the same. fear that we will not be able to cope with stress.
3rd View other smokers for what they really are, and complaining about them, do not envy them
Rather than to think you flattered cigarette now and prefer to set fire to, the following think how wonderful it is not you smoke and you get rid of this terrible habit. You are not given up anything. On the contrary, you are cured of malignant disease, and escaped from a terrible prison. As the days are passing and your health, both physically and mentally, to be better. Good mood will be greater and lesser intensity of bad than it was when you smoked.
Remind yourself that they envy you. They would like to be in your place. You have not missed for anything. They are. money you spend on cigarettes It would be better to burn immediately, because in that moment at least preserve their health, and not purchase cigarettes. 4 Do not bother to think about smoking and do not worry if you are constantly thinking about smoking.
However, whenever I think of smoking - either today, tomorrow or anytime in life - remember with a smile:
Hooray, I am a non smoker!
In the end, it all comes down to you and your head. Nicotine abstinence crisis lasts about three weeks. After that your body is 99% cleared of nicotine and should not be more
.... How long do you smoke? One, two, ten, thirty ...? does not matter ....
How much time does it take to decide to quit smoking? How much money you spend and how much more you still have to disrupt their own health to realize that a lot? I think tomorrow will be easier? Do not be fooled. right time is now!
There are no real smoke. You Only one of the millions of smokers who have fallen into the trap. Like millions of other ex-smokers who were convinced that they can not escape from addiction, and you are able to escape from it. Realize that you can achieve your goal. You did not by anything other than and the only other person that you can get to the next light a cigarette is the only and only yourself.
ENJOY EVERY MOMENT THAT. remind TO BE ON AGAIN how wonderful to be free. remind to it and let it be motivation! Every smoker, you offer him a chance to return to a time when smoking is not immediately accepted the offer. You have such a chance, and it now: Do not watch the whole thing as giving up cigarettes. brought you the final decision to smoke your last cigarette, and you will immediately fall in smoking. Smokers are those who go through Les Miserables life by destroying the cigarettes. Non-smoker is a person who does not.
Once youve made the decision, but you have achieved your goal. Look forward to it. Do not sit and wait lamenting that chemical dependency disappears. Exit and immediately begin to enjoy life. Life is beautiful, even if you are addicted to nicotine, and each day will be even nicer. Imagine what will happen when all the smoke and extinguish it does not burn more:
- will be free from slavery Home - Regain you self-confidence and courage to Home - No more need to go through life constantly thinking about how you despise not one half of the population, which is worst, despising himself. Home - Preserving Health Home - Youll be energized Home - keep the money

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