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How to play airsoft? | Hobbies & Games

How to play airsoft? Airsoft is a sport originated in Japan and Hong Kong where, due to strict laws difficult to legally gain weapons throughout the world, and experienced a boom in the U.S. where he developed the paintball as a fun team game

Airsoft is a sport originated in Japan and Hong Kong where, due to strict laws difficult to legally gain weapons throughout the world, and experienced a boom in the U.S. where the paintball team has developed a fun game. Airsoft war game between the two team. Paintball and airsoft are similar, but not the same. paintball gun ejects the bullets with paint, while airsoft gun ejects balls without color.
Rifles them a lot harder, ammunition is in magazine, and no external gas bottle and so realistic. Airsoft guns are much more accurate and have greater range.
What is needed for airsoft?
needed for airsoft gun, bullets, batteries, ammunition and protective goggles.
What are airsoft guns?
airsoft guns are real, the dimensions and weight, but instead of real bullets ejected white plastic balls. Each bead has its own weight. most commonly used weight balls were 0.23g, 0.27g 0.25gi. BB pellets commonly called.
Are airsoft guns, air rifles actually. answer is yes and no. Rifles are divided into AEG, Sniper, and Bolt sniper.
AEG = Automatic Electric Gun - Airsoft most widely used, in which the battery powers an electric motor that throws the ball. range of 30 meters.
= SPRINGER airsoft whose hand pulls before spring break Range Sniper
is about 45 meters, and Bolt sniper about 60 meters. airsoft guns
divided into:
GBB - Gas Blow Back - a hitch in the shot, because it is filled with special gas
EAP - Automatic Electric Gun - no hitch at pucnju
NBB - None blow back - something like GBBs, just as the shutter is fixed not to go back to the shooting. What is the hop-up?
hop-up rubber is located in the interior of a rifle - in daylight text gearbox, and a small rotation of the ball up, so it still flies. airsoft fps - feet per second - feet per second -.
AEG has between 250 and 450 fps
Sniper has between 400 and 500 fps Bolt and
sniper has between 500 and 600 fps. How to play airsoft?
Capture the Flag game mode
This involves taking some piece of equipment, such as a briefcase or flag. this way Games can be organized with one or more flags. When organizing a meeting with several flags flags are usually placed in the database. Within the database can be set guards, or something like a secret hideout. idea is that the opposing team to be as complicated to get to the flag and recapture her team that she has. One flag is placed in the middle of combat areas, and for that flag to fight two teams. victories achieved by controlling all flags or controlling a number of flags from the opponent after the expiration of the time. Mil-Sim - Military Simulation - Simulation real war, played on fields larger than 2X2 km -
Milsom, the expression for military simulations. implies a combination of airsoft some real military training or military situation. biggest feature of this method is role playing so often in Milsoms distinguished snipers from a doctor, reconnaissance units, etc. ... This type of game is considered to be more hard-core demands of the players, because a greater involvement and physical preparedness. Usually each team provide a few goals or missions that need to be addressed, defines the basic equipment, weapons, ammunition , meals and moves in a simulation of actual military situation.
key element in Milsom types of games is the use of low-capacity tanks. Unlike the usual scenario where the use containers that may contain several hundred pellets - BBs - in Milsom used in tanks with a capacity closer to actual weapons - Eng. Real Steel -. Examples of containers that can be encountered in Milsom in are those of 30 balls for the gun-type M4, M16, SCAR-L, etc. as well as similar facilities close to the actual situations of the other replicas.
teams during the course of Milsoms stay on the field all the time, and the only reason that the players can return to a certain area is to provide first aid in case of urgent medical cases - Once a player is had to go to hospital because the woman did not want to give birth without it! - or other special circumstances. Military simulation often takes several days. players often use various means of transportation such as vans, boats, trucks and even helicopters. In some cases, such as meeting Operating under the name Irene - which takes place annually in the U.S. -, and professional organizations involved with the actual military vehicles and armor-clad. In addition, there are big events that are called Mout - Eng. Military Operations in Urban Terrain - where Milsom occurs in urban areas. airsoft games of course are not limited to Milsom, CTF - engl.Capture The Flag -, arcade style - emphasis on shooting, often on smaller courts - or CQB - engl.Close Quarters Battle - The battle over short distances -,
There are many alternative ways of playing and scenarios, such as the reconstruction of various historic battles of the Second World War, the Vietnam War and the like.
- Airsoft is popular in Croatia, the players must be of legal age, but at 16, may play accompanied by a parent.
- Airsoft replicas can be used for many purposes, such as training and education of police and military units, training of people who nurture and teach martial arts and combat, as well as entertainment and leisure. - Except for the air, airsoft guns can operate on battery - Airsoft ammunition is cheaper than paintball ammunition - about 7-10 to 1 -. However, the quality and price of ammunition may vary. There are biodegradable and ammunition. Protection
basic protective equipment as goggles . masks are recommended to protect the entire face - the holes for the eyes - and the equipment can be supplemented by a military jacket and helmet. They are useful and protectors on elbows and knees and military camouflage - for protection, concealment and authenticity -.

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