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How to run the ball and dribble? | Sports & Fitness

How to run the ball and dribble? Dribbling is a vital skill that any player can learn

Dribbling is a vital skill that any player can learn. Good technician and dribbler can maintain control of the ball even under pressure from more players. Statistics show that the team that has a higher percentage of possession usually wins. To become a better player who has good dribbling requires the constant exercise. Dribbling is like a foreign language, more practice, better dribbling. First learn to dribble the ball with any part of the foot, such as sole, the inner side of foot, outside of the foot and the full foot. Good control in dribbling will enable the successful execution of dribbling. In doing so, one should always keep good posture and bend your knees slightly.
gentle and small touches keep the ball close to you. always easy to push the ball forward, it gives you ultimate control. Keep your head up. Even when you lose the ball, try to keep your head up and watch the progress of the game. This is important because you must be aware of developments in your environment. A great way to pass an opponent is rapidly changing pace and direction of movement. If at all possible player with the ball to move vertically toward the opponent goal as quickly as possible. That speed will give you the opportunity to escape his opponent. Always keep your body between the ball and the opponent. When the opponent puts pressure on you, try to keep the ball as much distance from it. Use your hands for open space, but make sure it does not make a foul. Learn to use your weaker leg. If watching professional football, you will notice that the best players are excellent and serve with his weaker foot. Initially, it will look very awkward, but with patience and work, you can use your lower legs as well as with its stronger. Additions will be incorrect, darning ball hard to do but eventually you will be very worthwhile. Use of exercise equipment. One great way to get yourself trained dribble that you Set the line cones and practice dribbling left and right inner and outer side of the foot. intensify the pace and use both feet. Imagine that you are in a real game and that the cones opponents. Try not to watch the ball while running. It also helps you coordination. Most important of all is that you have confidence in myself, to be calm, and only then you will be able to successfully play football, it involves dribbling and dribbling. Always remember that you are in control of the ball and it goes where it more instructions.

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