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How to play baseball? | Sports & Fitness

How to play baseball? Baseball is the national summer sport in the United States

Baseball is the national summer sport in the United States. Today, the baseball game in many countries, and in 1992. He became Olympic sport.
Baseball played by two teams of 9 players and each team has at 9 innings - the rally, during which the 10 players on the field - blow out a team and nine players from other teams.
pitcher sends the ball towards the batsman, who is trying to strike her stick, and then moves to TRK . Points are achieved successful runs all four bases, which are the corners of the inner field. circle around the field does not always run at once.
One of the team throughout the game must adhere to the order in which players come to the place of impact, but can be made replacement.
World Of Sports
1903. in the United States is organized in the finale where the two biggest winners competing leagues - the National and American, which plays several Canadian teams. winner of the World Cup The team that gets the first four games.
countries where baseball is one of the most popular sports are, for example, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Japan and many South American countries. Cuba, which dominates the world amateur championships of the 1938th year, easily won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. In.
In some countries, women play baseball, although Softball, lighter version of baseball in a limited field, present in female sports. Babe Ruth is one of the player who is most responsible for having the 20-ies of last century, baseball has become a very popular sport. When a team New York Yankees built a new stadium, called it a house built by Babe Ruth, because most of the money was paid of tickets sold, and knew that Babe Ruth draws a convincing most viewers.
basic rules
Inning ends when three players drop out of the game. Pickers can come off in several ways: if they are three times in a row not followed hand to hit the ball if an opponent catches the ball in the field by the hitter hit before it hits the ground or if you do not get to first base before a court player with the ball touches the base.

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