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How to serve wine? | Food and Beverage

How to serve wine? Different types of wine require different ways of serving

Different types of wine require different ways of serving. Cooling wine reduces the amount of sugar is therefore increases the feeling of acidity so the wine gets to the freshness. This gives a crisp acidity and refreshing taste of wine back. When serving wine, it is important to emphasize the element of glass which is different from cultivars and varieties of wine.
should be avoided painted, decorated, carved or opaque glass to the best possible could see the color of wine itself, but also how they could see traces of alcohol remaining on the walls of glass century, although it is speculated that the coffee as a beverage was first discovered on the territory of Africa, in what is now Ethiopia at the end of the seventh century. Because of the taste, smell, and also the effect of black liquor was made herself the art of preparing and drinking coffee. Roasting coffee beans themselves taste, smell, strength and aroma of coffee resulting from the burning. Overall quality depends on the time a grain spends in the pan. Roasting process takes between 10 and 16 minutes. If you want soft and gentle taste of coffee beans should bake between 10 and 12 minutes. The strong aroma is obtained by firing longer, so for a very strong coffee, which is best for espresso beans can stove and double. It is important to emphasize that the longer you roast grain, coffee loses the amount of caffeine, but it enhances the aroma and bitterness. If you want increased froth in the cooked coffee, coffee, or you can fry it in butter and add a little sugar turns to caramel color. Coffee easiest way, in the boiled water to put a good ratio of roasted and ground coffee, boil mix and we got the perfect drink called coffee. Alone in the ratio of roughly one teaspoon of coffee in 1 dl of boiled water. Throughout history, the wealth of apparatus for making premium coffees. The highest quality espresso machine that works on the principle of pressure of 9 bar and hot water at 90 degrees. The handle espresso machines put the dose of ground coffee, which is between 6 and 7 grams, depending on the type and roasting of coffee, good compressive force between 15 and 25kg to get rid of unwanted air into the handle through the handle and let the hot water temperature than 90 degrees. Water passing through the machine gets squeezed properties of coffee, and exits through the sieve-filter handles - in the cup, which is essential for perfect coffee warmed to 35-40 degrees!

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