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How to make sangria? | Food and Beverage

How to make sangria? Sangria is a refreshing alcoholic beverage that contains pieces of fruit

sangria is a refreshing alcoholic beverage that contains pieces of fruit. To prepare sangria Take the day before when it should serve or drink. It is just to have fresh fruit. |
need fruit
Peach Apple Black Grapes
White grapes
Melon Fruits cut into small cubes, mix in a bowl, overflowing with artificial sugar and your choice of vanilla sugar and let it rest a little longer than an hour and a half. When the fruit released its juices, add the liqueur bitter like pelinkovca, Amara-amaretti -, J├Ągermeister - Optionally, you can mix them, but not recommended -; red wine of your choice - preferably What sweeter - and plain water. All good mix to fruit absorbed the alcohol liquor and wine, and grew its flavor in just a drink. bowl seal and put it to cool overnight next day, only slightly!

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