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How to Make a Christmas box? | Food and Beverage

How to Make a Christmas box? If you want to cheer for the holidays, family and friends, especially children, make a Christmas box where no one can resist! | |
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If you want to cheer for the holidays, family and friends, especially children, make a Christmas box where no one can resist! | |
first SELECT TEMPLATE You will need a template by which to cut out parts of your Christmas home. If you prefer, you can create your own design. To create homes was used a template that you can download the text below. In the process of action is slightly modified homes - added a large rear window -. On the Internet you can find lots of different templates - enter the Gingerbread House Pattern Google -. home decoration let your imagination! DOWNLOAD Christmas Caravan - template < / h4> second CROP TEMPLATE When you select a template, print it - or draw - and cut out. It would be good to write on each template that is part of the house and how much they need to do - eg roof, 2 times -. simplest first cut the basic shape and then smaller pieces - windows, doors, etc. -.
3rd Make a paste
Necessary ingredients for prepare the dough:
multipurpose flour 6 cups ½ tablespoons baking powder 4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 4 teaspoons minced ginger ½ teaspoon ground cloves ½ teaspoon salt 12 tablespoons butter, softened 1 ½ cups brown sugar < I> 2 eggs 1 cup molasses - maple syrup or honey - 1 tablespoon water
fourth Roll PASTRY to avoid cracking the dough, Roll it on parchment paper. arrange it on the template, cut with a knife or pizza cutter, and then just remove the debris. Ensure that the forms are not very close to each other so that the dough may expand during firing. Also, this dough is best worth while warm. If you really shoot the dough when rolling, put it briefly in a microwave oven!
5 Cut PASTRY default template when sized in the dough, its time to put it on the templates and cut them to cut the dough. When you cut the main form, do not forget to cut out windows and doors. If you want to make blinds, take the rest of the windows, cut it horizontally and youve got blinds
6 Create window A great trick for making glass in the windows is to add a broken hard candy. Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors! For larger windows, you can put two colors!
< em> 7 IPSec HOMES Holiday Bake at 180 º C for ten minutes more parts, and five minutes less, or until edges are not darkened. If smaller and larger parts of baking paper, make sure that small parts do not burn. When the All parts of the roast, leave them to cool completely.
8 Make Royal Icing To decorate a house, make a mixture called royal icing.
required ingredients are:
3 cups powdered sugar 3 egg 1 baking powder Mix ingredients with electric mixer until the mixture becomes firm.
9.UKRAŠAVANJE Now the real fun begins! You can decorate the box whatever you want. Be creative and do not be afraid to experiment! It is very hard to go wrong in decorating homes.
is easiest to first decorate certain elements of the home such as doors and windows. Then assemble the base of the house and finish decorating the base.
Put the roof and chimney, and decorate them. When decorating, all the beautiful royal icing. Do not skimp because it will not be strong enough and would be home - or decorating - could collapse. more royal icing and it will look like snow and your home will be sound! The roof tiles or you can draw the entire roof covered with royal icing, with so it will look as if it was covered in snow. the roof you can put a variety of biscuits and sweets.
Green rubber eye candy you can set up a small pine boxes.
Pine can do and the cone, just turn it upside down and decorate with green royal icing-TV - or fondant -.
Cornet You can overlay and green chewing gum to cut it in half and stick by Cornet! It is important to have fun decorating homes!
10th CONNECT HOMES As already mentioned, the box You can decorate it before you connect or after connecting all the parts. Choose a large enough base of cake pan or a stiffer board. Another good trick is to decorate lighting. You can put a home within the LED on the battery box which will give a special festive atmosphere of the windows come to the fore. Make sure you can reach the light after you assemble the box so that it can turn on / off!
When connecting homes, start with the front part. Determine where to stand on the ground making sure to stop and rest homes. royal icing to Apply front of the base or directly on the substrate. Put lots of royal icing and is inside and outside. It is the cement that will hold the box. Keep a few minutes until the royal icing begins to harden. Then set the home side and apply royal icing with inner and outer edge where it connects with the base and along the vertical edge where it connects with the front of the house. Keep a few minutes to make sure that the royal icing began to harden. Repeat with other side wall. Then place the back of the house and re- Apply the icing on the inner and outer side and on the sides. Then paste the same door - leave them open because sympathetic looks and you can reach the light - and blinds. Then set the roof. Apply lots of royal icing and the upper edges of the boxes and put a roof . Let someone help you hold the place until royal icing on the outer edges of the roof and wait until it starts to harden. Then place the funnel and your home is over! Royal icing will become very strong and should have no trouble merging or transport home.
when creating homes to make some mistakes but the good thing is, homes with Christmas decorations that cover all the gaps and drop a nice home in whatever way you make it! And the next morning you wake up screaming children - and maybe adults - , when they saw the box in the fridge!

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