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How to make a Manhattan cocktail? | Food and Beverage

How to make a Manhattan cocktail? One of the cocktails with the highest reputation in the Western world today is precisely the Manhattan cocktail

One of the cocktails with the highest reputation in the Western world today is precisely the Manhattan cocktail. Most famous woman of the population from the series Sex and the City, and often zamijenjivan for Cosmopolitan, which was popular in the early seasons, is considered one of the best-designed cocktails. Hot story that binds to the Manhattan cocktail that was supposedly made for Churchills mother in a club in New York in the late 19th century, and since this drink has just impressed me and other guests who are returning for him, called the Manhattan Club which was first presented - Manhattan Club.
However, the more likely story is that he is just one of the cocktails named after the New York neighborhoods - Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island - each of which there is a cocktail that bears their names , including Manhattan. For Manhattan cocktail you need: 2cl red - sweet - vermouth 5cl whiskey from rye - Jim Beam - little bitters 1 teaspoon Maraschino Pour all ingredients into a tall glass, add ice, stir well and strain and serve in a cocktail glass of Martini. You can add a cocktail cherry in a glass or put a piece of lemon on the edge of the cup. You can freely use it in a glass of champagne. This drink is valued equally by men and women and can not go wrong if you order in any circumstances.

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