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How to make a true risotto Milanese in Italian restaurants | Food and Beverage

How to make a true risotto Milanese restaurants from Italian websites, blogs and cookbooks are full of all kinds of recipes, but few can anyone, especially connoisseurs breath

Websites, blogs and cookbooks are full of all kinds of recipes, but few can anyone, especially connoisseurs leave you breathless. In preparing the risotto here people often discuss how to cook rice in water or stock, using the butter or olive oil, what are the ratios of ingredients ... But these small differences are not things that are so significantly alter the taste of any risotto. difference in the whole preparation and knowledge of food. Otherwise, risotto Milanese, Italy called risotto alla Milanese or risotto giallo - yellow rice - is a dish that is served as an appetizer. Whenever you find yourself in an Italian restaurant, youll find it on the menu at Primi Piatti in conjunction with a variety of pastas. Italians usually eat a heavy meal at night, because over the week eat breakfast with a leg break and eat a sandwich for lunch. For those who do not know, Milanese risotto is prepared with saffron because that has a strong yellow color. Ingredients - for 4 persons -: 240g Carnaroli rice - can Arborio - 1 onion - medium size - 1 cup dry white wine 1.5 liters vegetable stock - or 2 vegetable cubes in a 1.5 l boiling water - about 2 tablespoons of butter olive oil 1 teaspoon saffron - or 1 sachet of saffron, which You can buy in any supermarket - 40g grated Parmesan cheese Preparation: risotto in Italy in preparation of a wide bottom pan, the higher site, but if you have good pot that is not high, and there are also broad base - to be able to distribute rice in thin layer -, it can be freely used for cooking. At the beginning of cooking risotto, take 1 cup of broth and cool. the stock cold stir in saffron because they must stand soaked for half an hour. It will be exactly the time you spend preparing and cooking the risotto. Heat pan, add 2 tablespoons butter and add olive oil as much as you will need to fry onions. risotto Milanese in Italian restaurants for the butter and olive oil. Olive oil is added to butter as butter would not burn. If you are a vegan, or Do not use butter in cooking, feel free to use just olive oil, the difference is imperceptible. Then insert the chopped onion and fry it for a few minutes to become slightly golden yellow color. Do not fry it, then it becomes a brownish color and a bitter drink. Even if the He just edges posmeđili, prepržili you have it. In this case you flame was too strong. always fried onions on low flame. When the onion is done, add rice to it and Toast it - a few minutes, depending on the strength of the flame -. then Pour a glass of wine and wait until all the wine has evaporated. Once it is fully evaporated, begin adding stock bit by bit - about 1.5 dl -. Do not add stock when it still has enough in the pan rather than wait to evaporate almost to the end. This will you know what the rice will look slimy, but will not receive the bottom. rice is cooked 15-16 minutes, no more, no less, so add a foundation to synchronize with time. In most cases you will not spend the whole stock, 1.5 l the framework of measures. Last time you add the stock, add the chilled in which you put saffron. When he is almost evaporated, add the parmesan and some olive oil and stir and turn off the gas. What little stock as the rice has absorbed and Parmesan will merge with rice in the next few minutes. secret of a good risotto is also in the fact that he must constantly confused. of adding wine to the end of preparing risotto stir constantly. This will free up all the flavors, the rice will not receive the pan and youll know when to add more foundation. All you do is serve risotto and enjoy eating or impress someone that you have prepared. Whether youre a beginner or just iskuni in cooking, this recipe is very simple, and follow the instructions, you will surprise yourself, and not only others with an experienced palate. If you have any questions or you have made it so you want to share thoughts, feel free to write in the comments below .... and do not forget to share this recipe with your friends on facebook or twitter if you liked! photos chrischapman

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