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How to Make a Martini cocktail? | Food and Beverage

How to Make a Martini cocktail? A real martini is a gin, decorates a plain olive green, without any additives and dash of inspiration

A real martini is a gin, decorates a plain olive green, without any additives and dash of inspiration. Many Martini is known from the James Bond films and his famous sentence shaken, not Stirred. But in Martin also enjoyed and Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemmingway, Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and many others. martini cocktail has become so well known that very often in bars and restaurants takes just under Martini . There are a lot of Martini variations, different ingredients are added to the original version of this cocktail was sweeter to the taste and ease to get the bitterness. However, the only real martini is the one with gin, not vodka, triple sec, no, pear juice and related accessories. For Martini cocktail is needed Vermouth 1.5 cl 7.5 cl gin - recommendation Bombay Saphire or Gordons - 1 or 2 regular olives used for preparation of cold gin from the freezer, he added vermouth is chilled and decorate plain olive; without charge. In addition, Martin mixes - around about 15 seconds - do not shake in a shaker, which is exactly opposite of what you drink as Bond. French way of preparing the Martini shaker. Martini Why should not shake? Because it destroys the giant or mixed with water from the ice - that goes in a shaker - and air bubbles that are generated by shaking the Martini, which gets a sharper taste. What are your experiences? Do you drink a martini shaken or stirred cocktail?

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