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How to make Indian bread chapatti? | Food and Beverage

How to make Indian bread

The name you certainly heard at least once and you sounded exotic. Therefore, it is chapatti? Chapatti bread from the flour is very popular in the Indian subcontinent but their version has almost all the countries of Southeast Asia. Ease of preparation and taste definitely wins and diversity of use. You can prepare them instead of us all famous pancakes, which is to say that it gets on well with all types of sweet spreads, sauces, or fruit. also agrees with salty toppings, sauces such as chutney or Indian variety of rice dishes.
So lets start with the preparation: - Ingredients for 10 chapatti breads: • 2 cups flour - integral or plain flour -
• ½ cup lukewarm water - add more water if necessary -
• teaspoon oil
• teaspoon salt in a bowl - and can continue with a mixer for making dough - mix flour, salt, oil and gradually add water to knead dough, if necessary, add more water. Let dough rest in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap - to avoid the formation of sheath - 20 - 30 minutes. Short premijesiti hands and make a form of sausages, then cut into equal pieces - about 3 fingers thick -. in India pobrašnjuju surface for stretching dough ball, but rolled in flour and then stretch to approximately 0 , 5 cm thick. each piece of pita bread cast Teflon pan without any fat on top of the well-heated. Bake until it turns brown in spots, about 1-2min. each side coated with ghee or butter oil to stay soft and cool even though you are the best warm. Bon appetit: -

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