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How to develop the bomb? | Inventions

How to develop the bomb? Modern world very well knows the terrible effects of bombs

The modern world very well knows the terrible effects of bombs. Bombs considerablv improved to a degree that is still some time before he could even imagine. Old, crudely made bombs, not even closely match the atomic and hydrogen bombs of today. However, all these types of bombs are based on the same principle. bomb is a hollow iron ball or roller sleeve filled with some explosive material. | fired from rifles, hand thrown, ejected from the aircraft, or simply placed on a appropriate place explodes. Chinese have used bombs before hundreds of years. These were the vessels of baked clay, which were placed gunpowder, and had the shape of a dragon, snake or bird. main purpose of these bombs was a big bang that scared the enemy . Chinese army was using such bombs until the early 20th century. In the Western world, cannon balls filled with explosives were called bombs. small bombs which throw hand grenades were called, and special units, called. grenadier, specially trained to handle these weapons. First World War for the first time the bombs were thrown from the plane, and in large numbers. In World War II aircraft from the millions of bombs dropped. So the word bomb in modern times came to mean a bomb that is thrown in the air. Other types of bombs have special names: grenades, torpedoes and mines. There are three types of aerial bombs, and they are divided according to purpose. They can be devastating, for breaking and arson.
Devastating bombs are used for the demolition of buildings. With their An explosion creates a shock wave similar to a sudden gust of wind, which strongly suppresses everything that comes along. Such bombs explode or blow, or when using the device for later burning. fragmentation bombs are much less than devastating and difficult of a pound up to several hundred pounds . Their goals are less people or objects. Such a bomb explosion down into many smaller pieces - fragments -, each of which behaves like a bullet. firebombs contain flammable substances burn, creating tremendous heat. Their goal is arson, which sometimes involves and the whole town. In todays era bombs were developed to frightening proportions.
nuclear bomb is one of the most destructive types of weapons. At the request of U.S. President Roosevelts 1942nd began a study which included 150 000 people for the purpose designed and tested first A-bomb, called the Manhattan Project. Her work is based on the principle of nuclear fission.
They are commonly known as the atomic bomb or A-bomb thermonuclear bomb is a type of nuclear weapon that releases a large amount of energy through nuclear fusion reactions and can be More than a thousand times more powerful than fission bombs. still known as the H-bomb, hydrogen bomb and the fusion bomb.
Up to now, fortunately, none of the hydrogen bomb not been used in military purposes, but are, nevertheless, carried nuclear bomb tests of this kind.

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