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How did the sewing machine? | Inventions

How did the sewing machine? One researcher has found a stray and is in a quite area nepoznatm

A researcher has found a stray and is in a completely nepoznatm area. Once there he met the natives, did not expect them to find any trace of civilization. However, to my great surprise, the chiefs hut, he saw a sewing machine.
Sewing is a very important activity for humans, so he had to invent the sewing machine. only question was: who would think of it first? A story about the discovery of the sewing machine is pretty sad. first such machine was the invention of Saint Thomas . Hes 1790th patent for its model year, according to many characteristics similar to todays sewing machine. Basically it should be used for sewing leather. But the machine never went into administration and find ¬ liar that ever since its invention did not have any material benefit.
in 1830. poor French nobleman Bartelemi Thimonnier invented the sewing machine that is more like a present. Such use the sewing machine began in France, but the angry crowd of workers, for fear of losing job broke all the sewing machines and industrial systems in which these machines produce. Timonnier died in misery.
Meanwhile, in New York, some Walter Hunt invented, almost at the same time, the sewing machine that had the wrong pin, with a small hole at one end. That pulled the needle through the fabric loop of thread, which is the second thread catching bottom, thus creating the points. However, Hunt failed to patent his invention!
So the credit for the invention of the first sewing machine that belonged officially started to use the man whose name was Elias Howe. Year 1851. Isaac Singer patented his sewing machine, so he and Howe argued over who has priority. Howe got slow. Therefore, it was paid out certain percentage of sales of each type of sewing machine, which was then in use. Today, of course, there are thousands of types of sewing machines, and even special machines for sewing leather, Felted hats, quilts, buttons and many other purposes.

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