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How the lie detector? | Inventions

How the lie detector? Lie detector

lie detector - lie detector - is one of the new funds in the criminal investigation, and used the police to investigate sumljivce which is considered not to tell the truth. However, data obtained using this aid are not accepted everywhere as a direct proof in the courts, because this method of discovering the truth science has not yet been accepted, although the 90% reliable.
testing using the lie detector is based on the fact that the persons body, which lies some reactions occur: facial flushing, rapid heartbeat - Pulse -, swallowing saliva, and other manifestations of excitement. Polygraph record such changes in the body. | success of these devices, however, depends on the sensitivity of its components, from what records and on the ability of experts who have done the test.
most important of all these conditions is probably just the latter.
When choosing a response that they should jot down the device, or to register, priority is given to those reactions that a person who is examined unable to control herself, who can not govern or which is not even conscious. Usually these are blood pressure, heart rate, sweating and breathing intensity.
None of these reactions is not, by itself, sufficient evidence that examined the person is lying, but, taken together, they have to be assumed, however, a fairly reliable sign. For a person who examines the various components attached devices, in order to obtain a record of that persons reactions when responding to questions.
The examiner must first be thoroughly familiar with the case. Only in this way will be able to ask some - right - question. examiner then asks many questions that have nothing to do with the case, to determine what are normal reactions of a person. Thereafter, the examiner raises questions of both types, and those that have no connection with the case and one that they have.
In addition to three or four ways of recording apparatus for detecting lies. Then recording study to see where there has been unusual emotional activities. To avoid the possibility of random responses, the answer must appear in at least two different image with the same reaction.
intensive training can be achieved by controlling their emotional state and so can cheat a lie detector.

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