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How did the parachute? | Inventions

How did the parachute? Parachute is a human invention or device which serves to slow the fall of a body as it passes through Earths atmosphere

Parachute is a human invention or device which serves to slow the fall of a body as it passes through Earths atmosphere. Imagine that you have stepped into the empty space at a height of 3-5 kilometers above the Earth, then youve landed on the ground like an earthquake that You jumped the fence 3.5 meters high. This can be done - using a parachute!
parachute is just a big umbrella in form and surface, due to air resistance, slowing down, and a man falling through the air more slowly and slowly it is not injured when struck on the ground.
Parachute is probably the oldest invention to slow the fall. Leonardo da Vinci made a sketch of a parachute in his notebook for 1514th year.
Faust announced 1595th year useful description of a parachute. It is believed that the first man who used a parachute Frenchman Blanchard. 1785. he was out of the balloon, which flew high into the air, landed in the basket for a dog that was attached to a parachute.
Blanchard argued that the and I have a parachute from a balloon 1793rd year and that during the descent to Earth broke his leg.
Another Frenchman, AJ Garnerin, celebrated as the first man to parachute jumping regularly. was first publicly performed in Paris , October 22, 1793rd year, and this is when you successfully jumped from a height greater than 600 meters. His parachute was umbrella shape. was made of white cloth which is used for making sails, and its diameter was 7 meters. center of the dome there was a wooden reel of about 25 inches, with a hole in the middle, which allowed the air out of the dome. That part was attached to the canvas a number of short suction.
first successful parachute jump from an airplane in flight is performed 1912th year, Captain Berry in Saint Louis, Missouri. During the 1913th and 1914. was much discussed whether the practical use of rescue parachutes from a plane. At a time when the First World War began, the issue is still not been cleared. There was a problem in determining the size of the parachute, and with it there was a fear that the pilot will be able to jump out of airplanes and to prevent the parachute does not become trapped.
Later, during World War II parachute began mass primjenijvati rescue pilot. in 1919. U.S. Army has accepted the Seat type parachute as part of obligatory aviator equipment.
Parachute has found wide application in saving lives, lowering the load on the ground or on the surface of other planets, sports, hobbies ...

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