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How the submarine dives? | Inventions

How the submarine dives? Basic principle that allows the submarine to dive below the surface or that emerge onto the surface is very simple

The fundamental principle that allows the submarine to dive below the surface or that emerge onto the surface is very simple. Most modern submarine has two hulls or troughs. Water load is placed between the inner and outer hull in a similar cavity space between the two shells. When the submarine ready to dive, open a valve located at the bottom of the tanks or cargo tanks, and reservoirs included in the seawater. air exits from the tank through a valve at its upper part and the submarine dive!
submarines to emerge on the surface of the valves are closed and air pressure forces the air that enters the tank. In this way the water is pumped through a valve at the bottom of the submarine rises. To manage submarine movements during the pre-serves the stern, which is completely krmama identical to the normal vessels that are seen on the open sea.
Submarine is transversely divided by partitions or walls of the wards. To move from one department to another, one must go through a door that can be quickly closed and the that water can not penetrate. also has openings for submarine rescue apparatus and oxygen.
As commander of the submarine known or seen where to sail?
He looks through a periscope, a long tube that is horizontal in the stern, attached to its hull.
With the combined use of prisms, the lower end of the periscope is possible to see what is happening on the surface. rotating periscope tubes can be viewed on the whole horizon of the ocean.
Submarines also have devices for eavesdropping , you can catch the sound of distant ships and determine where the noise came, as well as radar, submarines, which allows to find objects while navigating on the surface
1951. began building the first atomic submarine. It was launched at sea July 21, 1955. In. It is a submarine that is the deepest diving in the world, to a depth of 210 meters, and no ascent could be under the sea much as 40,000 kilometers, imagine what exists today ...

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