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How invented the compass? | Inventions

How invented the compass? Compass is an instrument that responds to the magnetism of the Earth

The compass is an instrument that responds to the magnetism of the Earth. Most common type is a magnetic compass needle is attached to the headquarters so that it can rotate in all directions. Of such a compass needle was turned toward the north, the Earths north magnetic pole. Since it is known where located north pole, all water and land areas are drawn into a folder in relation to it. In this way the compass can guide travelers in the desired direction over the world.
Who, when, first discovered that the iron namagnetizirana needle, which is free to rotate in a circle, always showing north - no one knows! One time it was believed that the Chinese find it 4,500 years ago, but today it disputes. However, in any case the Chinese were one of the first people who known principle of the compass.
Arab traders have heard of the Chinese compass, so they brought him to Europe. We know that in the 12th century the compass was already well known. oldest compass is probably consisted of namagnetizirane pins routed through the wooden cross, which was swimming in a bowl with water.
then began to use a needle that turns on the second needle, attached to the bottom of the vessel. In the beginning was taken into account only a north-south, and the vessel was standing by the side the northern end of the needle touching the northern part of the vessel, which was marked by color. At the very end of the needle zakańćilii map marked with dots.
As you know, the north magnetic pole and the geographic North Pole is not located in the same place. North Magnetic Pole is the northernmost point on the Arctic coast of North America, on the peninsula Buti. All of the compass needle on Earths northern hemisphere are oriented towards the site.
ancients did not know the difference between the north magnetic pole and the geographic North Pole . They lived far from one another, so it seemed that the needle of the compass always faces north. But later, the sailors, who were otiskivali ships away from the coastline, noticed the difference and that they were confused. A You can only imagine how they were amazed by those who sailed in the Arctic sea around Greenland, when they saw that in some parts of those areas of the compass needle was turned almost to the west!

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