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How does the radar? | Inventions

How does the radar? Word Radar is an acronym of the English expression, radio detection and ranging, which means the detection and determination of distances using radio

The word radar is an acronym of the English expression, radio detection and ranging, which means the detection and determination of distance by radio. That basically means detecting the presence of objects in space and measure the distance using radio waves.
To understand the how radar works, we will compare it with a battery torch. Assume that you are not a dark place and you turn on the flashlight. light waves traveling through space in the stack, in the direction you pointed a flashlight. millionths In a split second the light hits the nearby tree, bounces off him and back into your eye and you see a tree. Other trees, which did not reach the light beam, you see.
Radar works in almost the same principle. Instead of light rays using a radio- waves. In fact, light and radio waves are just different kinds of electromagnetic waves. differ in size, or length of the waves. In radar, for example, used a few inches long waves, known as ultrashort waves.
Since radar waves differ the size of the light, and they behave differently. They, for example, pass through the nearby clouds, while light waves do not.
human eye observes light waves, radio waves, but a human being is not able to see , hear or feel without special equipment. However, scientists have learned how to detect these radio waves.
Radar waves are collected in a bundle, just like light waves in baterijskoj lamps. They can be directed in the desired direction. Upon finding an item, are deducted from it and return to the source wave. Thus, the first thing that occurs to us that the radar is the radar wave reaches an object, for example, to the ship or aircraft, and radar turning slowly around the room, we examine the whole environment.
Time radar wave to return to its source can be measured by the millionth of a second. In this way we find out how far away an object from the radar. size objects that refuses radar wave can be estimated according to the power of the wave it returns. Larger items reflects a higher proportion of the wave.
Radar helps ships and aircraft to see through the clouds and the fog.
first usable radar had been the British who started using them at the beginning of World War II . With the help of radar was tracking flying German aircraft, and are thus easier to organize and defend. Modern radars are used in aviation and marine search targets, but also in studying astronomy at the surface of distant planets. Nowadays, police radars used for determination of vehicle speed.
Todays modern Air Force uses a stealth technology that makes it virtually invisible aircraft radar. So have the advantage of coming to the target undetected.

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