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How to flying air ship? | Inventions

How to flying air ship? Airship is a special type of aircraft to be held in the air due to buoyancy aerostatičkog

Air boat is a special type of aircraft to be held in the air due to buoyancy aerostatičkog. Lighter than air, unlike other aircraft, which are heavier than air and air are held in some other way, lift on the wings. Unlike the balloon and mongolfijera, spindle shape airship allows them to fly in and take advantage of the principle of aerodynamic lift, which is due to the fact that air flows faster above than below the object that is moving in the air. | airship consists usually the aerostat, gas tank, which allows aerostatički buoyancy at the stern of which are bound steering height and direction. drive machines are located below the aerostat in gondolas, where the gondolas and cargo and passengers. powered by four engines similar helicopters. tank of gas is not still stiff, there aerostat with rigid, semi-rigid and soft gas tank system. tank is filled mostly helium. Prior to use, and hydrogen, but its flammability caused many accidents and therefore was the reason for its rejection. Mongolfiere not ship air, but mongolfieri the aerostat - air balloons, which are held in the air because they are lighter than him -. Mongolfieri and balloon aerostat without propulsion devices. So, moving only by air currents. airships, on the other hand, have the gear, propellers, appliances management and flight control. airship Norge is known for expeditions to the North Pole. Norway in 1926. was the first aircraft that flew over the North Pole - May 12, at 1 hour and 30 minutes of Greenwich - with mileage 5300 km from King s Bay Teller to the Bering Sea - pictured left -. Norway has constructed and operated Umberto Nobile, and the venture has taken a Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. The researcher in 1911. won the South Pole, and already in 1925. He tried, though unsuccessfully, to fly over the North Pole two hydroplanes. most famous airships were the Zeppelins, designed in Germany 1914th year and used in the German army during World War II. were used for air attacks and bombings. name comes from the German airship builder Ferdinand Zeppelin.
And today is still used, though rarely, to transport passengers and cargo - as belonging to aircraft with a maximum load capacity - and especially for large and heavy. How can I stand in place, used to carry the camera - to record sporting events or for Monitoring a region in case of accident or fire - in advertising and communications purposes. powered by four engines similar helicopters.

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