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How do balloons fly? | Inventions

How do balloons fly? The first man who has more than 200 years managed to do was to fly by balloons that have made the brothers Montgolfier, France

The first man who has more than 200 years managed to do was to fly by balloons that have made the brothers Montgolfier in France. Warm air is lighter than cold, and the more difficult climbs. To make the balloon took off, it is enough to warm up the air inside it. Most balloons now has gas heaters which heat the air. When the heater is turned on, the balloon rises, and when it shuts down, the air inside the balloon cools and he goes down.
small balloons can be purchased at any fairs are filled with hot air, but helium gas which is lighter than air. Hydrogen is the lightest gas of all, up to 30-years, these are used for passenger balloons and airships.
Unfortunately, hydrogen is easy to fall and after a series of accidents has ceased to use. In recent times balloons used again to transport passengers, but today is filled with helium, which does not burn and is much more accessible than eighty years ago.
Ballooning is considered the sport and leisure. In many countries held meetings and balloon races.
Balloons are made of nylon and when inflated, can be as large as the building. At the top of the balloon there is an opening that can extend the runway so that the balloon could have rolled up to fit in the trunk. At the bottom of the balloon by means of wires and cables connected to the basket where you usually can not fit many people. magnificent view from the balloon is sufficient reason to Bear the cold and discomfort. in the basket are the bottles of gas for the heater and instruments measurement of height, direction and quantity of fuel remaining. Balloons move where the wind carries them, but an experienced pilot to change the height to find the wind direction that suits him best.
Balloons are used for data collection on time. Such balloons not carrying passengers, but a large number of instruments for measuring atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed. Meteorologists and interpret data and predict the weather.
Astronomers and other scientists sent balloons into the upper layers of the atmosphere to collect data and conduct experiments.

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