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How does a barometer? | Inventions

How does a barometer? Barometer is a measuring instrument that serves the measurement of atmospheric pressure, ie

Barometer is a measuring instrument that serves the measurement of atmospheric pressure, ie pressure, which creates an atmosphere. Although it is often said as light as air, to know that the weight of the atmosphere per square meter of Earths entire surface area is 10 000 pounds. Force acting on a surface is called pressure. Aneroid is the most common type of this instrument, consisting of a metal box that was removed from the air.
air out of the box compresses the thin walls of the box, but the metal is sufficiently flexible and always strives to return to original position . How do I change the air pressure, so the box lid bends and lifts and moves the pointer to which is connected to. | pointer on the scale indicates how much air pressure is being measured millibars - mb -.
Air pressure changes with the change in altitude and weather conditions.
It was discovered by Evangelista Torricelli. Barometers visinomienma called altimeters measure the height at which planes fly, while barographs used in weather forecasting.
Barometer is an indispensable instrument in the meteorology. It is useful in so-called. folk meteorology because it is usually considered that with increasing pressure follows sunnier weather, with falling obla─Źnije.

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