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How often do we see Halleys comet? | Astronomy

How often do we see Halleys comet? The most famous comet in history of mankind, which is named after its discoverer Edmond Halley belongs to the great comet of short period

The most famous comet in history of mankind, which is named after its discoverer Edmond Halley belongs to the great comet of short period. Records of the comet date back to the 240.g. BC. BC. When they see it in China and accused of death of the Empress. Babylonians saw him 164th and 87 BC.
Romans believed that it symbolized the death of soldier and statesman Agrippa Mark Vipsanius. In 295th Chinese have realized that the comet as it saw in the east - to is approaching the Sun - the same one he saw later that month, in the west - that is moving away from the Sun -.
Why does Halleys comet seen only every 76 years?
Because of its path around the Sun very elongated. At the time when the closest to the Sun, is located between Venus and Mercurys path, only to be later found farther than Plutos path. When the distance from the Sun, it was like balls of gas and dust, ice, low glare of the sun light . approach the sun heats the gas and creates its own kind of light. gas and dust is dispersed under the sunlight, creating a distinctive tail.
Halleys Comet to 76 years to describe his path, and in this period closer to the Sun, and then was briefly visible from Earth. sent many probes to study this comet. probe Giotto, was thrown out in July 1985., met the comet in March 1986. In. in July 1994. huge comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, broken into 21 fragment, was struck in Jupiter. Italian painter and architect Giotto - 1266? -1337 - painted a comet in his Adoration of the Magi in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. Upon the painted features of the comet appears to him personally had the opportunity to see. Maybe so, Halley, who was seen three weeks in late September and early October 1,301th year. However, we are not sure, because it was not the only comet that could be seen at the time.

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