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As space probes explore the universe? | Astronomy

As space probes explore the universe? Universe, Cosmos, or the universe is infinite vastness that surrounds us and awakens our curiosity

Space, Space, or the universe is infinite vastness that surrounds us and awakens our curiosity. Space probe is the name of any spacecraft whose task is to carry out the Earths atmosphere apparatus and instruments for transferring files and information on Earth: the substances, pressure, temperature changes and the like. in October 1959. the former Soviet Union sent a probe Lunik 3, which is circling around the moon shot for the first time a different image of his face hidden. They were first-rate scientific and historical documents.
Space Probe arrived and to Venus. U.S. probe Mariner 2 and 5 and the first eight Soviet probe Venera series. U.S. Pioneer Venus probe is orbiting the planet since 1978. small satellites, ejected from the Venera probes, they were down to the planets surface and verify assumptions of Venus high temperatures. In the Moon and Venus, probes have arrived and to other celestial bodies in the solar system.
Mars have received U.S. probe Mariner and Mars. Mariner 9 was sent into the orbit of Mars 1971st years Viking Mission took two laboratories at the surface of Mars. Mariner 10 made three nadletio surface of Mercury. According to Jupiter and Saturn were ejected probe Pioneer - Pioneer 10 and 11 are touched by the 1974th and 1979th - as well as probes Voyager 1 and 2 - this is the last time continued to Uranus and Neptune -. In these long journeys used slingshot effect. That means the spacecraft, which enters in the gravitational field of a planet, increasing the speed of being pushed away from the planet into a new path. sending space probes to the planets was a particularly difficult problem, but the findings were reached collected huge costs and time spent. It is found that Mercury has no atmosphere like the moon. When Venus had been able to pass through the densest atmosphere of the first layer and measure the temperature of 460 ° C. The probe sent to Mars in search for signs of life, but without result. to Jupiter and Saturn systems are penetrated with the recording telekamerama, so they obtained a perfect picture of their atmospheres. Saturn was discovered by the complex nature of its rings, Jupiter Research and the greater proximity to allow the discovery of new satellites. He also discovered a ring of Jupiter, and one of its satellites were discovered active volcanoes.
We were nearing the sun, but not too much to avoid the destruction caused by the suppression aircraft. Transferring images from space to Earth, with than a billion kilometers away, requiring the latest technical support and use the most powerful sources of energy to the probe. This is achieved by using radioactive sources of heat, the thermo-electric converters.

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